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Saturday, 20 February 2010

JUst BeCause.....

Ferdinand turns 1 (Last year's pics)

This post was supposed to be last year, BUT i didnt have the time to post then so since i have tonnes of time now so why not do a backdated ones coz i do have A LOT of things happening last year that i didnt get to post coz i didnt have the time for i globe hopping a lot and so the story piling up but didnt get any posting done coz i ran out of days for 2009 to play catch up with all my postings and picture post. Thats also the reason why i put myself the challenge of posting 365 Days, just to make me get out there and start writing and posting pictures that means so much to me.
And one of them happens to be my nephew Ferdinand's birthday back in November 2009. I flew back home and managed to celebrate his birthday together with all the family :) Superb!

The family minus John and mon coeur

The family minus me & mon coeur

Dinand was having a ball cutting his Oreo cake and feeding his parents the cake :)

mom & me with our new glasses :)

my little munchkins & me and of course doremon :))

my sister Mapsey Doodles & me also wt our new glasses :)

The specky girls :)
Clare, me Mapsey and mom :)

Mom and her daughters and son
Mom look great for one that just came out of the hospital.

And finally the family pic minus Mapsey doodle doo :)

À bientôt


  1. You have a very nice family, and we wish your nephew Ferdinand a Happy belated birthday.

  2. Thanks bobby :) will sure to tell Ferdinand when i go visit him back in Borneo in April :)