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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Thursday, 11 August 2011

what a month....

Gosh, its been ages since i last update my blog and i think its time to write something or maybe a short summary of whats been happening lately :)

Basically this is what we have been up to during the month of May :)

Then comes June, the month that we have been waiting for. Two great things happened in this month and here is the summary of the month of June :)

Will go through them one by one after wards in another post but first of all i need to find some time to sit down and blog again. Well, anyhow in case you guys are wondering why i have abandoned my blog lately well what I've forgotten to mention before this is that I'm currently on Maternity leave so i'll be back hopefully soon to show more pictures of what we have been up to lately, until revoir!

À bientôt

A visit to Dubai Mall

Now that we have the key to our new appartment, well i guess the next best thing to do is furniture hunting and to do that we have to go to a lot of malls just to compare the prices and quality and so on and one of our stops is at this huge mall called Dubai Mall and it is situated just next to the famous tallest building Burj Khalifah and also just 5 minutes away from where our new place is. So here is the grand Mall :)

À bientôt