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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sharjah Aquarium

One of the weekend, which i dont remember when it was, anyhow, we took the opportunity to go visit the Aquarium which is just across to our Apartment Hotel and it is called 
"Sharjah Aquarium"

For more information, you can go to their website
"Sharjah Aquarium"

It's definitely a beautiful place for family to visit with its small garden with water fountains and of course the huge Aquarium attraction itself.

Enjoy these pictures taken by hubby and me while we were there visiting the fishes.

My favourite them seahorses :) they are so cute and tiny!


Can you spot the Eels? :)

the toilet sign :) 
Then we finish our night at a Restaurant just beside the Aquarium clled
The Arabic salad

My  favourite, Fish Curry :)

My nasi Kuning :)

And finally hubby ordered his Fish & Chips
All in all we had a wonderful time at the Aquarium and finishing it off at the nearby seafood restaurant was definitely a terrific idea :)

À bientôt