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Monday, 22 June 2009

hello to everyone :)

Yes, indeed i have been away from my blog for such a long time and finally i find a small tiny moment to squeeze some moment out of my busy schedules to write something about what been going on since April till now. This year I'm truly happy for i had the opportunity to return back to my home town more then twice this year thanks to mon cœur who believes that i'm a world traveller and can do just about anything independently. Even as i'm typing this i can still make out his exact words telling me to go and try do it on my own "you can manage now" hehehe such confidence in me is my mon cœur is always giving me that extra smile and that extra courage for me to do anyhing that i have never done before. Thank you so much mon cœur for believing in me and for giving me all the support i needed to make the move. Merci beaucoup mon cœur.

April 2009
Spent half of it enjoying the blossoming of Spring in France which was my first time and it was such a wonderful contrast to the ever so Grey and gloomy winter i get to experience in France also. But my best highlight of Winter time in France are the family gatherings and also the cracking of logs in the chimney with the fire on...its just a wonderful feeling indeed.

The other half of April is spent in Kota Kinabalu visiting family and friends and most important of all my visit to the French Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. After a full 4 weeeks in Kota kinabalu and after numerous gatherings and reunions with all my ex-classmates from highschoolnd college its time for quality time with the family and particular the newest member in our family which is Baby Ferdinand. Spend a great time with him and my mom. Besides that done a bit of follow up to the wedding plans and Borneo trip as well wt Mewot. A lot of work indeed and between all this, i remember missing moncoeur at the same time and a lot, a lot and a lot :)

May 2009

I spent glorious time traveling in the first week of May and went to visit my niece Elisa and Jerome in La Rochelle and had wonderful time there as its my first time going around in France without moncoeur and i feel very recharged and in charged hehehe Thanks to Elisa and Jerome who took a great deal of their time showing me around La Rochelle and how i fell inlove with the city. Its just beautiful, and a great Port to be reckon for and its rich with history and beauty. Thank you both for a lovely time there with you guys and i can never forget "cagouillle" the french snail or escargot i learn from Elisa and Jerome and also for a wonderful time at FUN 3 and also at Chez Lulu. All this i will always remember and chrish and and and....I'm so happy to say i came to La Rochelle 1st before mon cœur hehehe so its a great victory for me :)

2nd part of May i get to spend just relaxing in Beauvoir with my beloved mon cœur as he was in town for a three weeks break. Lovey-Dovey time indeed :) spent vacationing here and there in France and discovering new places that both of us have not been. It was really a great vacation indeed :)

June 2009

The month of June was really a rocking month for me for i have a lot of things done during the first three weeks of this month. It took me to the East , North and centre of France and not forgetting Paris. Other then that also had our train adventure across europe from Paris to Brussels, Belgium, Rotterdam and finally to Amsterdam all with my sister Mewot who came to visit me and have a month long vacation with me in France and to explore Europe together.

Its one of the things i did in my life that i can never forget. Its ot everyday we can do this kind of thing where we just up and go to a place and what more with one very own sibling. This is the first time that i ever spent such a long time with my sister and its worth it because it strenghten our friendship, sisterhood and love with each other and here is where i get to look after my kid sister and it was a pleasure indeed and the feelings and experience spent with her is priceless. to my sister love you and hope we can do this again in the future and hopefully this time with our respective husbands with us hehehe :)

and not forgetting also our wonderful gathering for the sabahan and malaysian abroad in Rotterdam finds us both meeting with new people and making new friends and thanks to Jenn and hubby and all the malaysian friends at the gathering for making us feel very welcome and connected with our native roots again. It just proves one thing we can be anywhere in the world eating different food and different environment but deep in our heart we are still very much a sabahan and thats just priceless. and not forgetting also to thank Jenn and hubby for hosting the best european arraimaiti in Rotterdam thank you guys nce again :)

2nd part of June is spent back home in KK and it was home sweet home indeed tis part of the month sees me very busy with preparation for my Big Day in July and its becoming hectic now and this also marks my dissapearence again to write in my blog too until everything is back to normal again and perhaps the next time i get to blog again i would probably be blogging from another different country all together.

Anyhow...Lets just wait for july to arrive and see what it has instore for dear me. Until then to all my dear friends on here take care and have fun in the summer for some and safe journey to all and to all my family, relatives and friends wherever you are, Je t'aime!

À bientôt!