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Sunday, 22 March 2009

B - o - T - a - N - i - Q - u - E

Last weekend , i spent my weekend doing gardening at my brother in laws place called Botanique, @ La Montagne, Nantes where we had a picnic at the botanique nursery and later did a bit of a gardening :)
It was a wonderful day plenty of soleil and plenty of food and smiles to go along with it. I learn a lot about pulling out stuffs from the pot and ffeast my eyes with plenty flowers and my favourite was the sakura trees, they are just gorgeous. anyhow, here are some of mpictures depicting the day :)

The Botanique @ La Montagne, Nantes

The picnic :)

The play tile for the kids

and finally...the flower collection :) which is a lot :)

À bientôt


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Happy grandma Weekend :)

I have so much to blog about with so little time as im going back to my hometown in KK in a few days and i have a lot of pictures to post as if i returned to my hometown , i have plenty of things to blog about there as well so no can do i have to finish my blogging on France before going back to Malaysia so dont be suprise to see a lot of posting from me these few days hehehe :)

The weekend my hubby was here before flying off we managed to celebrate grandmama day with the family particularly with Cecile and her family from Nantes so we had a lunch and cake cutting party with the kids and later after that a trip to the "Plage de La Grande Côte" for a bit of promenade.

So here are the pictures taken at home during the cake cutting as well as our promenade at Plage de La Grande Côte.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics :)


Saturday, 21 March 2009

Because it's Spring.....

Because it's Spring i decided to spring clean my blog as well and put on a spring look on my blog :) Anyhow....happy SPRING to everyone may there be flowers in our hearts always :)

À bientôt


The Wedding Planner Organizer book

Sometime last year when i moved to KL somebody gave me this book as a gift and all of us laugh about it as at that time it was kind of like a milestone to think about such a thing as a wedding. But faith have its own say about how things should be done and what things should take place i guess because out of the blue, i got married and now this book is as essential as anything else right now as i begin the journey of planning for my wedding :)

Now alice and hannie you both can laugh about this as you guys are the ones responsible giving me such a wonderful and thoughtful gift many months before all this happens heheheh :)

And who else better to do as my wedding planner if not my very own lil sister Mapsy "do-little" and hopefully do little bit is not part of the deal hahahah :)

contents :)

very practical oder of making things simplified and in order

but my favourite part is....the honeymoon bit heheheh
ah well, stay tuned for more details of my wedding plans in the weeks to come as i journey myself back to KK for a speedy preparation for the occassion :)

À bientôt


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Friday, 20 March 2009

Lamb of the day! :)

on most days like today where the sun is shining and the tempreture went up as high as 17 to 18°C what better to do then just go out and enjoy the warm spring in the air weather so... maman and myself make a point to walk pass through a small Lamb farm and look who made a very loud ambehhhhhhh.....sound heheh :)

One of them is the curious one :)

here is the curious one that followed us from left to right hehehe

so cute :) i like "it" too :) ambehhhhhh!!!

The mama lamb eating like theres no tomorrow hehehe

the curious one getting ever so curious of the camera and decided to stick its nose out of the fence to touch the camera :)

Enjoy the video and the pics everyone!

À bientô,


Sunday, 15 March 2009

For Amelia :)

These past few days weather in france been very good and warm sunshine almost every afternoon and sometimes the temp goes up to 15°C which is such a treat. so i went snooping around wt my camera and found this around the house, so amelia, this is especially for you :)

This is your flower Amelia the name of this flower is "Camelia" is flowering even during winter amazing indeed.

And that afternoon maman and i went for a walk and this is what i found pussy willow and maman help me pluck some to put in a vase and i was thinking about how we were thinking the sakura plant is a somewhat look like a pussy willow but all i can say is that pussy willow is not so spongy like sakura buds this one is a bit tough..ah well, anyhow this is how pussy willow looks like :)

closer look at Pussy willow again

maman's orchid which was blooming at the moment, kinda reminds me of my moms flower back home

Probably because its winter the orchid somewhat look like it doesnt have enough colour but its beautiful still.

see those white spots on the grass those are paraquettes, and they are every where in the lawn

Another shot of the driveway with flowers on the side getting ready for spring :)


Red Camelia


not sure what these are called but i like them hehehe

these are actually cactus like plants

maman found this on the ground and called me coz she knows i'd be facinated and it was not easy to take pictures of this caterpillar for its moving lots..maman tried to stop it using a small twig but no chance its just like a bump for the many legs it has just went up the twig like nothing hehehe

Papa did this a few days back to prepare for the coming spring but even now you can see that its already started to grow some blooms

a little leaf bug


a japonais plant

some salade leaf
a bunch of them in the jardin

then this beautiful flower they are actually as small as the parquette and they are everywhere too

and finally this one which i dont know what it is hehehe

Ah well hope you enjoyed this one too amelia!