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Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Wedding Planner Organizer book

Sometime last year when i moved to KL somebody gave me this book as a gift and all of us laugh about it as at that time it was kind of like a milestone to think about such a thing as a wedding. But faith have its own say about how things should be done and what things should take place i guess because out of the blue, i got married and now this book is as essential as anything else right now as i begin the journey of planning for my wedding :)

Now alice and hannie you both can laugh about this as you guys are the ones responsible giving me such a wonderful and thoughtful gift many months before all this happens heheheh :)

And who else better to do as my wedding planner if not my very own lil sister Mapsy "do-little" and hopefully do little bit is not part of the deal hahahah :)

contents :)

very practical oder of making things simplified and in order

but my favourite part is....the honeymoon bit heheheh
ah well, stay tuned for more details of my wedding plans in the weeks to come as i journey myself back to KK for a speedy preparation for the occassion :)

À bientôt


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