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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Passage du Gois - Sunday outing

The end of last month we went for a short outing at the ¨Passage du Gois¨ just for fun with my inlaws and sister inlaws and family it was quite nice as its by the sea and it kinda reminded me of home back in Lok kawi but the only difference is that the tepreture here is cold and sunshine is hard to come by but anyhow, it was a nice walk along the beach with the family

The first bloom during when winter starts to be spring season are the ¨mimoza¨ dont know how to spell it but its yellow and its everywhere around this area during this time and people are selling it for 2 euro each...ermnn a bit expensive for me i think when you can find it everywhere in the ¨hutan¨ hehehe

anyhow here are some pics taken during our walk to the beach there in ¨Passage du Gois¨ island.

This is the main trademark of this island the emergency shelter that you can see all along as you go through passage du gois during low tide because the road to the island is only excessible during low tide and sometimes people get stuck in the middle of the road because of the approaching high tide so they have to take temporary shelter at this shelters.

as you can see, people are everywhere selling mimoza blooms

walk along the forest close to the beach
Jacky, Cecile, coline and Severeno

with my niece Coline and my darling hubby Ray

at the bridge with maman, papa & Jacky

Cecile, coline and severeno and Ray

by the beach side looking at seashells Coline my niece and Severeno my nephew

seashells, colline and me

Overall, it was a wonderful sunday afternoon walk with the family for a bit of fresh air :)

À bientôt

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