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Sunday, 22 March 2009

B - o - T - a - N - i - Q - u - E

Last weekend , i spent my weekend doing gardening at my brother in laws place called Botanique, @ La Montagne, Nantes where we had a picnic at the botanique nursery and later did a bit of a gardening :)
It was a wonderful day plenty of soleil and plenty of food and smiles to go along with it. I learn a lot about pulling out stuffs from the pot and ffeast my eyes with plenty flowers and my favourite was the sakura trees, they are just gorgeous. anyhow, here are some of mpictures depicting the day :)

The Botanique @ La Montagne, Nantes

The picnic :)

The play tile for the kids

and finally...the flower collection :) which is a lot :)

À bientôt


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