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Thursday, 15 March 2012

9 Months Old Today!

 Happy 9 months Old Miss M!!
Meant to publish this on the 14th but somehow i didnt click the publish button and so it was never publish! :((
 Ah well it's the thoughts that counts!

This time around Miss M get to celebrate her 9th month old birthday back at her grandmama and grandpa's home back in KK and so that explains why she is all sweaty and messy ....

Anyways, another milestone and soon you will be walking i think...well. we'll see what number 10 will hold next at the meantime mummy and daddy are both enjoying your baby moments  with us and definately will wait for the time when you will be ready to walk on your own! 

Des gros bisous notre petite coeur!

À bientôt

Monday, 12 March 2012

KK Vacation - March 2012

Yeahhh!! Vacation time is here again and Miss M is soaking the good times flying to her kampung in KK :) But before that we had a stop over in KL where the grandparents met us and we had a short visit to families there in KL and finally our trip back to kk :)

 Here is Miss M at 3am in the morning awaiting our flight back to KL. Poor bebe had to wake up in a middle of her deep sleep to get ready to go to the airport and by then she was wide awake and ready to roll :)

Btw, our flight was exquisitely fun and smooth with Miss M being a nice quiet baby that she is just  play quietly with the toys presented to her by Emirates and and finally she doze off on her own   so mummy had a hassle free voyage all together :)

Had a nice time in KL got to meet with relatives but unfortunately couldnt make it to other get together with friends in KL due to limited time and the fact tht my mom  got sick on the first day we arrived and so the story goes but we had a wonderful family time together :)
Thanks Alys & Hani and Daffie for being there for us :)

 Anf finally, we touch down in KK and look at this two cousins. They are best of friends with each other and even share the stroller together heheheh
so this marks the begining of our three week long vacation back in Kampung KK  :)

stay tuned and see you on the next post!

À bientôt

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Cherish The Love...

Yes and every minutes and seconds with this little girl counts!
Much happiness with our new baby. 
 Beaucoup de bonheur avec notre nouveau poupon. :))

À bientôt

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Video time!

Just testing out my new video editing software to go along with my photos! so here goes!
 tell me what you think? please do need some feedback so that i can improve on it. I tahnk you in advance!!

À bientôt