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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Jardin du Luxembourg/ Luxembourg Gardens (Vac 2013)

Our First 4 days of stay we have the privilege of staying at this wonderful hotel called Villa des Artistes  at 9 Rue de la Grande Chaumière which is just a few minutes away from Jadin du Luxembourg and since we have ample time to rest a little we decided to venture out to the garden later that morning :)

At the small garden interior the hotel where we had our breakfast :)

On our way to Jardin Luxembourg which is just a walking distance from where we are staying.

One of the many beautiful buildings around this area...

If anyone interested in coming to visit this garden here's how to go there :)

The Jardin du Luxembourg, or the Luxembourg Gardens, is the second largest public park in Paris located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, France. The park is the garden of the French Senate, which is itself housed in the Luxembourg Palace

there's even a theatre inside the garden

ahhhh...I love this...

There are lots of space for kiddies to play in this garden...

Kiddies Playground..Miss M loves it!

the slides for kiddies...

And in the middle of the garden there is a bee farm which have Keep out signs all over it :)

and the beautiful gardens....

The park is the garden of the French Senate, which is itself housed in the Luxembourg Palace

Beautiful and peaceful garden indeed...

A good look at the house of Senate

My parents
one for the album indeed :)

beautiful display of bright coloured flowers I believe they are called Petunias

Another one for the album :)

And finally our last picture of the day just beside the entrance gate.

I've always loved the garden of Luxembourg as it brings many memories of me and hubby during when we had our first vacation together in Paris back in 2008 and I remember falling asleep on the grass during one hot summer here...wonderful souvernirs indeed and now my parents get to see it for themself ...happy feeling all around :)

Stay tuned to my next post revoir!

À bientôt

Early in the morning....

Here's our LO trying her skill at soccer now hehehe she was full of energy and was kicking this big ball for the longest of time and enjoying herself very much :)

It's good to be back to home sweet home indeed :)

À bientôt

Soup & Co [New Gadget]

Today's Quote: "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." 
- Maya Angelou About Yesterday -

I used to not like soups, BUT, since I met my husband soup have ended up in my LIKES list :) Here I have a new gadget that will ease my job of making yummylicious and healthy soups for my dinner.

It started  about last year in December when my husband bought this gadget for his parents for christmas and I didnt seemed to pay much attention to it coz I thought it was just a normal blender.
then we came back for vacation in august and suddenly Im liking all the soup that my MIL is doing and so I opened my mouth and asked her how she made all them yummylicious soups and she just pointed at this thing called Soups & Co by Moulinex. I look at my hubby and hubby looked at me and straight away he got thinking what Im thinking back in Dubai we got ourselves the super duper soup & co as well and so we are liking it all too much :) Thank you very much DH for a very thoughtful & usefull gift :) It works perfectly for making wonderful  and healthy soup for our 2 year old who happens to be in LOVE with soup :)

So here is the handsome and sturdy Soup & Co that  does everything  like a blender does except that it cooks as well :)

So we are going to test drive our new gadget with these simple ingredients to make a simple creamy vegetable soup.
Happy, so happy indeed! Thanks mr Hubby!

 Zuchinni, potato and carrot

 washed and cubed

 Add water, vegetables and some salt and pepper

 Set the auto programme to P1 to have a very fine texture and set it for 30 mins or less

 Voilla! After 30mins, just pop up the lid and you get yourself a yummy and creamy soup all blended to perfection :) No more hand blender no more cooking on a seperate cooker it's all done in one place! How great is that? hassle free indeed :)

 J'adore ma soup!

and what more can I ask with this heaps of  soup recipe from the recipe book that comes with it!

À bientôt

Friday, 27 September 2013

We are back!

Been away for a good three months and finally we are back in Dubai and having our first lunch together in Pain Quotidien @ Mall of emirates

so good to be back and so good to have my little family all together again :)

des gros bisous!

À bientôt

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Grandmother-grandchild relationships are simple.  
Grandmas are short on criticism and long on love.  
~Author Unknown~

À bientôt

Monday, 23 September 2013

Paroisse Notre Dame des Champs (Vac 2013)

Our first stop in Paris after we've settled down in our hotel  was to look at the nearby Église Notre Dame des Champs. It's kinda look like Notre dame the Paris but a smaller version at the least :)

A very beautiful side view of Église Notre Dame des Champs

 Miss M and my parents posing just outside the church :) 
Mind you it was Paris was a bit cold that morning and it was quite chilly at 18°C with the wind blowing as well...

 Miss M was all  curled up with all her doggies for some warmth :)

Quickly  we are running for some shelter from the cold wind , so off we went inside the church.

 I love the sight of big huge organs like this and almost all the churches in France have a big organ like that. Beautiful indeed  :)

Almost all churches in France have arches like that for ceiling  and all have a Gothic feel to it and it's just one of my  favorites thing about visiting churches such as these.

Miss M is just like mommy, she loves looking at the huge organ  up on the second floor and also by the tall arches on the ceiling 

So next time, you find yourself at Boulevard du Montparnasse dont forget to pay a visit to Paroisse Notre Dame des Champs, 92 Bis Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris, France

see you guys next on my post on our visit to the  Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris

À bientôt

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Vacation/ Pilgrimage 2013 (Vac 2013)

It's always been my dream to one day bring my parents to visit  my inlaws back in France so that two different worlds will be one for the duration that we are there. At the same time also it would be a great opportunity for my parents to do their religious pilgrimage to Lourdes and visit Italy and France .

This was my parents first long haul flight ever as well as for Miss M.
Our Journey begins from KK then we flew to KL and then  begin our long journey to Paris, France for our 12 hour flight. The carte above shows  how far we are travelling from our stating point A which is in Malaysia and then to point B which is in Paris, France.

 Miss M enjoying her videos & kiddies lunch box by MAS during our BKI - KUL flight

And then she discovered the camera button on my phone and she was snapping away her own pics and also us. For a while she was quite amused by it until......

 not too long after that it was dozing off time for the little Miss indeed even after we've landed she was still asleep for a good 3 hours :)

We had a long wait int KLIA and since Miss M have a full recharged energy as a result from her long nap , she proves to be quite a handful  for the grampy and grammy  indeed. As usual when we are in KLIA  Miss M usually get to have her shower at one of the baby changing rooms  to make sure that she is  well prepared and comfy for her first long haul flight :)

The long long  wait...

And finally we are off :)

Here's the troops before the big sleep off :)

Actually during this flight I finally got a few hours of really good sleep because Miss M, fell asleep right after she had her dinner and right after that went to change her into some comfy pyjamas and  with her milk bottle on the way didnt take a long time to get her to sleep she was out  in just 5 minutes and she was sleeping right until breakfast was served and that means she slept for a good 10 hours! Superbe!
 I think flying wt an Airbus  A380  makes all the difference especially less noise from either outside or inside the plane itself as well as the spacious and comfortable seats that they have.

Welcome to Paris! (Bienvenue à Paris!) this is the first  thing you will hear when you arrived at CDG  airport  and so we took opportunity to take  a sunrise photo with the backdrop of the plane that we just came out from which is, the Airbus A380 and we arrived exactly on time and tht is 6:05 am

So for the next 4 weeks we are went to all these places that I've marked on the map and it's all worth the adventure as well as the memories we have collected during all this trips and they are all just priceless. And I have finally fulfilled one of my greatest  dreams and that is to bring my parents for vacation and pilgrimage  :)

I will be blogging about our trips soon so stay tune folks!.

À bientôt