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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Soup & Co [New Gadget]

Today's Quote: "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." 
- Maya Angelou About Yesterday -

I used to not like soups, BUT, since I met my husband soup have ended up in my LIKES list :) Here I have a new gadget that will ease my job of making yummylicious and healthy soups for my dinner.

It started  about last year in December when my husband bought this gadget for his parents for christmas and I didnt seemed to pay much attention to it coz I thought it was just a normal blender.
then we came back for vacation in august and suddenly Im liking all the soup that my MIL is doing and so I opened my mouth and asked her how she made all them yummylicious soups and she just pointed at this thing called Soups & Co by Moulinex. I look at my hubby and hubby looked at me and straight away he got thinking what Im thinking back in Dubai we got ourselves the super duper soup & co as well and so we are liking it all too much :) Thank you very much DH for a very thoughtful & usefull gift :) It works perfectly for making wonderful  and healthy soup for our 2 year old who happens to be in LOVE with soup :)

So here is the handsome and sturdy Soup & Co that  does everything  like a blender does except that it cooks as well :)

So we are going to test drive our new gadget with these simple ingredients to make a simple creamy vegetable soup.
Happy, so happy indeed! Thanks mr Hubby!

 Zuchinni, potato and carrot

 washed and cubed

 Add water, vegetables and some salt and pepper

 Set the auto programme to P1 to have a very fine texture and set it for 30 mins or less

 Voilla! After 30mins, just pop up the lid and you get yourself a yummy and creamy soup all blended to perfection :) No more hand blender no more cooking on a seperate cooker it's all done in one place! How great is that? hassle free indeed :)

 J'adore ma soup!

and what more can I ask with this heaps of  soup recipe from the recipe book that comes with it!

À bientôt

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