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Friday, 13 June 2008

Love Cookies

Somebody have a sweet tooth so here is a treat for that special someone :)

Raisin and almond butter cookies :)

a lot of love pour into the working of this simple but heartfull cookies :)

Ready as can be....


Kept inside the cookie tin especially for mon coeur :)

I call this cookies Love Cookies eventhough they are not the shape of a heart. Anyhow hope you like them cookies mon coeur!! ***emmuahhh***!!!

Love always,


  1. yum yum...ray is so lucky to taste these cookies....

  2. where's my cookies??! grrrr......
    if not...say bye bye to ur flowers!! hahahahah

  3. ermmmnnn....ur cookiess...erm... i hape to look for the sapi to get the minyak sapi u know and until now not enough to make that cookies but no worries i will make it :)

  4. Ishhh ...bukan kau kah yg lebih terer buat biscuit tuh??? :p i should get love cookies from you lah :p