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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Sunday, 25th May 2008 - IKEA Day!

Today is IKEA day as i have been wanting to go to IKEA for the longest of time and that sunday was nominated IKEA Day by me :)

This will be my 2nd time going to IKEA and that was back in January i think it was and we only went there for a short while and just scan through things with my aunt and cousin; Now my second visit to IKEA is with mon coeur and we have a mission and thats to fix our "study/working room" and also the "laundry room" We decidedto go to IKEA for the furnishings because we have limited space at the condo and our furniture should all be egromaticly fiting to size of teh room, ands in this case IKEA makes splendid furniture to fit for all this tiny space :)
so the serch begins...

After going around for a long while inspecting this and that i ended up buying two cute things as i put it for the kitchen WHICH i didnt intend to buy at first but i seemed to have some idea what to use them for :)

here are teh items i bought :)

three cute and tiny tins for placing cookies and herbs and beans cost about RM14.90

tiny glass jars :) RM 9.90

here are the things already filled up! The tins are filled up with cookies, dried herbs & spices then the final tiny one i placed my green beans in there for my once in a while craving for bubur cha cha hehehe :) and of course the small tiny jar glasses i put all my curry powders the whole lot of it .

Then before proceeding to the stock counter we stop by to have lunch first which was delish! the poached salmon wt potatoes but extremely yummiest...maybe coz i was really hungry at that time so everything seemed to tasted yummy heheheh but mon coeur is having the same food as i and he said its yummy too; BUT however i cant say the same to the curry puff though..i dunno something seemed to be missing....i just didnt like it as much the pastry was fine just the "inti" i kinda find something wrong somewhere so to me its yucky!

Here is when we finally got our last bit of furniture before heading out to pay for it :) mon coeur was looking at the descriptions and all and was telling me this is how it was done heheheh :)

All in all i like IKEA very much its a nice place to go and have a look at furnitures that is remarkbly done very well and within the budget too. and not forgetting the food is delicious as well would definately go and eat there again if we happen to be in the neighbourhood !

Until next time, over and out!
C & R

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