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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Balik Kampung - Part I

Its vacation time and myself and mon coeur are doing just that although im doing much of the vacation comparing to him :) Anyhow, we have deciided to go "Balik-kampung" to each others hometown within these two months so we split the time from going back to KK to visit my family first and the 2nd part of the vacation @ mon coeur's hometown back in Vandee, France. So its going to be very interesting two months with both of us travelling together and exploring the unexplored for both of us :)

so the first half of our vacation had already begun and first stop is Kota Kinabalu which is my hometown :)

We didnt do much during this visit coz we were on a tight schedule BUT its much more at ease as mon coeur was driving my car and so it was easier to go here and there without bothering my parents or my sibling to drive us around :)

I've always wanted to visit the orang utan sactuary @ the Rasa Ria Resort, Tuaran so thats exactly where we went on our jalan-jalan expedition together :)
and here are the pics ...

she's cute huh :)

C & R

here they are playing happily with each other :)

yours truly,
C & R

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