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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Chateau du Versailles

After spending some time at Notre Dame, we headed west to Versailles. It was sugested by our dear friend Serge & Vita that we go and visit this majestic place of Chateau du Versailles. And true to their words, i cant help but feel at awe looking at the massive Chateau and its just like in the fairy tales indeed. So, to Serge & Vita thank you for the sugestion and its worth all my visit to Paris and thanks to the both of you.

The above location map shows the journey we took to go to the Chateau du Versailles and i think it was like 45minutes journey from Paris and the moment you reach the to a signage where it says Versailles then infront of you you will see a huge Chateau as shown on the picture below

and followed by this......

and some snap shots of us before entering hte enormous great chateau du Versailles...

The whole location map of chateau du versailles, must look at this first before entering then you will have an idea where is everything and what to go and see first :)

Then i had to stop for the restroom but godly, it was such a long queue that i almost gave up..but knowing that theres not many restrooms available inside i just decided to go along wt the queue and wait for my turn.

Next is to get our head gear to listen to the wireless guide where it will tell you what you are looking at and the history of it very handy indeed and it comes in a few languages too.

The first thing that i saw is this i think it was the King's Private chappel..enormously gorgeous!

And the paintings...and designs on the walls and ceilings which to me is very ancient indeed....and of course theres a lot of dancing naked angels on the ceiling...hehehhe very cute indeed :)

and oh yes...the statues hehhehe :)

Then we ventured out a bit and went for a train ride around the area of the chateau and i particularly like the gardens, its pretty well maintained and the flowers was just beautiful!

some of the flowers that i managed to snap my camera with :)

The view from outside the chateau

This is the garden house for the king which consist of a bed chamber and a very huge entertaining area....very huge indeed.

picture collection of us everywhere inside and outside of the chateau du versailles

Then it was time to sample the food and here is where we ate and had our lunch :)

It was yummy food indeed...especially when you are really hungry and tired after a days walking and thisrestaurant by the lake is exquisitely yummiest and i do recoàmmend for anyone to have something from this restaurant and service was excellent too.

a collage of us of pictures taken inside and outside of the chateau du versailles

and finally we end our visit at the Chateau du Versailles by hanging out at the lake side and just watch the day go by... Was definately an out of this world experience for me to visit the chateau as we dont have castles in Malaysia so it was a treat to see and go inside one and it just digs up tyhem historical knowledge back again...another must go on your list if you are visiting Paris :)

stay tuned for more on Paris :)
C & R

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris

This is one of my favourite place the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris! We have some time to spare before going to Versaille and so we went to Notre Dame which was not too far away from where we at and the location map below shows where Notre Dame is and how far it is from City Centre Paris.

Location map of Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris

The main entrance and whats on the wall...

here is the road where we parked the car and had to walk a little through small alleys which you can see selling stuffs for the tourist to feast their eyes on souvenirs and stuffs :)

The entrance of the cathedral with very pretty carvings and all...NICE!

When we went in there was Mass going on and i can see thru the fences that they were doing prayers and all, a very familiar feeling to me :) And everything look really ancient in there..heheh

some of the sights inside the Cathedrale.

here is pic of me with the pope! hehehe we close and yet far its just a picture of him hahaha :))

Then we decided to brave the sun a bit and play with the pigeons...

Some of the sights outside and closeby the cathedral...looks like autumn..but it aint autumn its summer!

Then I got hungry and so we went to this restaurant called Le Quasimodo Notre Dame where they sell yummylicious crepes...yummmmy :)

The crepes was exquisitely yummy..i had the one with the chocolate topping and mon coeur had the one with straberries....YUMMMM!!

It was a wonderful visit to the Notre Dame indeed, as i,ve always heard much about it and read and watch movie about it and finally i get to be here and it was awesome...takes my breath away and still leaves me in awe on how ancient this cathedral is. If you come to Paris Notre Dame is a must stop in your iternary. Thats for sure! ;)

Gent & Dame
C & R

Saturday, 23 August 2008

The Big Boss Man came to town ..hehehe :p

Chieftan S. R. Nair came for a short visit in KL and we managed to catch up with hil and what a wonderful time we had laughing ans talking real loud like we dont care heheheh but i guess i just miss company from home particularly aliceinwonderland whose not been back home for ages so this was a very good opportunity indeed and we took advantage of meeting him for lunch and dinner.

here are the pixies :)

Thz Chieftan and the gals :))

@ Corus Hotel

Our Luncheon at the Nasi Kandar something i forgot hehehe but heck the food was fantabulous and delish i had a ball eating my favourite CURRIESS!

Dinner with Mon Coeur and Chieftan SRN :))

Our Food @ >Telawi Bistro<

All in all it was a grand and marvelous time spent catching up with SRN and hope to do it again soon :) Ok.... whose next?? Mewot??

Over and Out!
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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Recette : Eggplant Lasagne

here's the recipe Norma! Actually i never liked eggplants before because of how it looks like after they are cooked or whatever but somehow i made this dish coz i wanted something that will use a lot of vegetables in it and just toss it in the dish and bake and i also wanted it to be low on callories so i tried to get the cheeze to be the lowest amount of calories so choosing the types of cheese thats low on calories they have a lot at the supermarket these days but it should be a balanced so that the food wont compromised too much on the taste. Also by using the browned eggplants as the lasagna sheets cuts off a lot of calories already :)) anyhow here is eggplant lasagna :) hope you have a success trying it out Norma :)


3 Large eggplant, (thinly sliced)
vegetable spray
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 cup chopped onion
16 ounces sliced mushrooms
1 cup of diced capsicum red/green and yellow

¼ cup of diced tomatoes

8 pieces of sun dried cherry tomatoes (halved)
1 jar (16 ounce size) spaghetti sauce with vegetables or White lasagne sauce
1 can of Chunky Tuna (drained)

8 ounces ricotta cheese, part-skim
4 ounces shredded mozzarella cheese
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

White sauce ingredients

250ml skimmed milk

4 slices of kraft cheddar cheese

2 tsp corn starch

salt and pepper

chopped dried basil leaves


In large non-stick skillet sprayed with vegetable spray, quickly brown eggplant slices; set aside. In the same skillet in hot olive oil, cook onion for about 3 to 4 minutes, stirring occasionally, or until tender.

Add mushrooms and capsicum, dried tomatoes and tomatoes cook, stirring frequently, about 5 minutes or until they are tender then finally bring in the Tuna chunks stir softly for 2 more minutes add salt and pepper to taste transfer to a dish and set aside.

White Sauce

bring the skimmed milk to boil then add in the cheddar cheese until they are melted and blended with milk add salt and pepper. Take off heat and put in the dissolved cornstarch and let it thickens by stirring rapidly and forms a nice sauce texture then add in the chopped dried basil leaves and set aside.

Into an 11x7-inch baking dish, spoon about 1/4 of the sauce (i.e. Either White sauce or spaghetti sauce) Arrange three alternate layers of the (1) browned eggplant slices , (2) vegetables & Tuna mixture, (3) ricotta, mozzarella cheese, and Parmesan cheese alternately ending with the top layer with the cheese topping. Bake eggplant lasagne at 350F for 30 to 40 minutes.

Have a go N!


Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Mamasan Visits to KL :)

So yesterday i had the opportunity of another visit from my ex colleague from my previous work to meet up @ Sungai Wang with her family and it was wonderful fun !

We went for lunch, shopping, jalan-jalan, drink capuchino and cheeze cake and jalan some more and my eyes were just everywhere looking at them stuffs at the MEGA SALES!! gosh they were like 75% discounts everywhere and i had a look at the winter stuffs and im definately going back there to get me my winter clothings before its winter time! Its really worth it and am definately gonna take mon coeur to get his new stuffs for work.

in all that we also managed to have......

trlrphonr conversation with morientez and how everything here particularly dresses are looking very much suitable for her me and mamasan were both thinking the same thing as the dresses were all cute and only one person can fit them dresses nicely and thats morientez...cesss jelousnya! hahaha

so here are the pixies :)

Me and girly :)) our cheeks are looking just the same hik!hik!hik!

here is the lotus wrapped seafood nasi lemak i had courtesy from mamasan & family!! thank you very much for the lovely meal! it was exquisite indeed! never had anything like it! yummy!!

here is me having fun with mamasan...
we were trying out sunnies when suddenly the sales person said no photographs please... then mamasan said wah small stall also got this kind of policy meh cesss! anyhow if you guys havent had the idea of how mamasan would look like in glasses, well here goes :d
she's such a sport! heheh.. here you can see her as a mother, a Hong Kong Mob! a Superstar and a Taukeh ngiong!

Anyhooo.. mamasan thank you for the little gift :) I make sure i will wear it when i go cruising with mon coeur on the motorbike as she bought me a snice cool black coloured sling bag which is perfect for me to wear when im out on the bike with mon coeur and top of it i also bought a black gothinc top which is perfect for a night cruising with the motorbike :))

Thanks for the lovely visit mamasan & family and hope we can do it again very soon :))

va va voom!

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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Last Weekend wind up!

Basically we had a DIY weekend starting from the friday we already set our target to get our two bathroom some tidy up with some IKEA bathroom cabinets. and so we got one tall one for the guest bathroom and 2 tiny cabinets for our own bathroom.

The saturday started of with me making the tall cabinet on my own and finally it was finished off by mon coeur heheh :))

hard at work with the new IKEA cabinets

This my part, where i use magic hems to put this cabinet curtains together total time spent on this project ermn...maybe 30mins for three cabinet curtains. The magic hem is a must need tool for anyone who doesnt like to sew or just dont know how to do it; so the solution is magic hem all you need is an iron board and iron away :)
I used hooked screws for my curtain wires and it works perfectly.

voila! finished project!

I made some vege & tuna lasagne for lunch as i didnt have much time to prepare anything fancy so made this easy dish from eggplats and some cheese and lots of vegetables. it was delish!

Then we went to TESCO since we never tried groceries shopping there so today we tried two things new groceries place which is TESCO and new pasar malam which was at TTDI aka Pasar Malam Taman Tun since its close by to one another so we went to try it out and the verdict is......

i still prefer BV = Bangsar Village and also the Bangsar Pasar Malam, So mon coeur , no i still prefer to go to bangsar to do all our groceries shopping heheh :)

To end our tiring day we had a wonderful dinner at Dave,s Kafe at 1Utama althought the food was good the wine was oklah and the apple crumble made mon coeur grumble and told the waitress next time use fresh raisins as the raisins felt like they have been kept in a cave and only now been used he said ha!ha!ha! i laughed at his remarks! anyhow the food was ok so that was fine by me ;)anyhow thats our weekend summary for the week see you guys next time ;)

over and ou!
C & R

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Lonely George in Paris!

How to describe my 2nd day in paris is just Fantabulous! I was left in charged of my ownself for mon coeur had to work and so he said i should be ok jalan-jalan on my own and it will give me the opportunity to observe French culture as well as improve my language no more listening through the CD on how to say French words coz its all happening LIVE and what better place to start then "Champs-Elysees".

We left Bercy at around 9am and here are the shots i took all the way from the car before reaching to our destination

Champs-Elysees is a long stretch of street where people are busy walking here and there and all looking very mysteriously beautiful in their parisien way i guess. But that morning it was kinda freezing cold for my Asian skin...Blrrrrrr moment indeed...and silly me were just wearing something like a T-shirt despite of mon coeur telling me repeatedly that its going to be a little bit colder then Kundasang...and what did i do? i just smiled at him disdainly think noway ..this is summer...well yes way it is when we stepped out of the car somewhere at the champs-elysees for a short walk before mon coeur have to go to his meeting somewhere in Paris. And thanks to mon coeur for being so very thoughtful he brought with him his fleece jacket and told me to wear it and so i was wearing it all day because why? because it was darn cold!! 19°c and thanks to my thick headedness if there is such a word hehehe...ah welll so there i was wearing the warmest fleece jacket ever hehehe :) thanks to mon chérie FM :))

So we jalan-jalan for a bit and i bought some books at the Virgin Bookstore or something i forgot and it was down 3 floors down to where they are selling ENGLISH books and this place is actually a former bank and so as part of the attraction in this place is the former bank chamber where the volt is ..its really cool now i know how money are kept safe in the bank ;)

one of these is gonna be mapsy's book :)

in this collageall pics of me taken during i was jalan-jalan by myself and the one with mon coeur is taken just before he left me on my own.
I managed to take these pictures of Arc De Triomphe as close as i can and also managed to ask one tourist who is kind enough to take a picture of me :)

here are more shots of the area and soon stomach starting to grumble and then my first test begins. How do i order for food in a country that speaks only French. so i was walking up and down the street and going into small sandwich shops and observing the prices of a sandwich it ranges from 4.50€ to 7.50€ which to me is a little too big for my asian size stomach to comprehend so i walk again and finally i made up my mind to have a go at this French version of Mc donalds i think and its called Quick. So off i went. Then i pick the most friendliest looking personnel and one started to greet me in French: Bonjour Madame...then suddenly everything went poof! everything i learn at Alliance français just went blank and i panicked and i heard from somewhere a lady said bonjour and i repeat that too and smiled then i point to the menu of what i want then came the difficult part How do i changed the type of drink from the menu and then the girl noticed my difficulties and suddenly she blurted in english... did you want anything else madame. Oh gosh § what a relieved so i finally got my QUICK food and it was pretty quick indeed :) So i sat there eating my lunch for a long time until i decided to walk the street again so off i went :)

my quick food!

i saw more shops and went to jalan-jalan @louis goodness! One handbag is equivalent to buying one kanchil car in Malaysia... shikes!! Gila kan!

Then around 3pm I didnt have any place to go already and the weather also getting colder, then just as i was about to send sms to mon coeur to come and get me, he was already there at my yback§ boy was i glad to see him :) So he took me to the other side of Champs-Elysees to have brunch at a famous hang out for malaysian students to meet up according to him and its @ this restaurant called Publicist Drugstore. Its really convenient and easily spoted and its at the corner of the street just next to the Arc De Triomphe. It was a delightful brunch we had indeed :) The ceasar salad was huge and coffee was warm and yummy :)

some spots i managed to take before mon coeur took me to a very nice spot to take pictures of the Eiffel off we go again ;)

He was definately right! It is the most strategic place to take a picture of Eiffel Tower!! :)

More closer look of the eiffel tower. I took this pictures from inside the car when mon coeur made a circle of the area. nice one huh :)

Then we went pass this place :)

And here....

And finally here :)

So much so...until the next day! stay tuned folks!!

sleepy me :o
C & R