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Saturday, 23 August 2008

The Big Boss Man came to town ..hehehe :p

Chieftan S. R. Nair came for a short visit in KL and we managed to catch up with hil and what a wonderful time we had laughing ans talking real loud like we dont care heheheh but i guess i just miss company from home particularly aliceinwonderland whose not been back home for ages so this was a very good opportunity indeed and we took advantage of meeting him for lunch and dinner.

here are the pixies :)

Thz Chieftan and the gals :))

@ Corus Hotel

Our Luncheon at the Nasi Kandar something i forgot hehehe but heck the food was fantabulous and delish i had a ball eating my favourite CURRIESS!

Dinner with Mon Coeur and Chieftan SRN :))

Our Food @ >Telawi Bistro<

All in all it was a grand and marvelous time spent catching up with SRN and hope to do it again soon :) Ok.... whose next?? Mewot??

Over and Out!
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