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Friday, 8 August 2008

pix meme....

was given a challenge by a cousin in canada to do a picture meme. And boy she was right this is really hard as we have to dig out our pictures that we thought might help with the strory telling behind them pics :) So here is my version of this fantabulous game of tagged :)

1. Who am I ?

2. Who knows me best

3. How old am I or how old do I feel ?

4. The most important thing in my life is

5. To relax, I like to

6. Something I always do

7. I'm at my happiest when

8. On a monday morning you can find me

9. My eyes are

10. The town I live in is

11. I think beautiful

12 One thing I must have with me when I go out ...

13. What's in the bag ?

14. My guilty pleasure

15. My life is ..

And to pass on this pix meme/tag ... I'm tagging aliceinwonderland, chicky egg, and delphina rougue. Dont worry , dont stress out on it just do when you have the time it'll be interesting to find out things about oneself :) And try passing the challenge to others as well! Happy trying guys!!

Love always,



  1. oh i luv the beautiful!!!

  2. ok ok... i Will do it.. gimme some ' masa ' ..

  3. Thanks for doing the pix meme! .. you do it so well ... I love your pics! :)