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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

We are back in KL :)

finally we are back safely in Malaysia and I must say it was a trip of a life time. Its been a few days or rather more then a week now since we are back but I cant bring myself to do anything because of this awful awful jet lag I'm suffering oufff! :(( Its terrible this jet lag....imagine this...awake when ur supposed to be asleep and asleep when ur supposed to be awake...gosh! Feels like my whole world is going upside down :(( Nothing to help me with this thing but just go thru with it....

But im ok now so that's about all the jet lag i've gone thru worst I guess :) Well it was the most glorious month in our life particularly me for i've never been to France before so discovering France together with someone that you love is something like an out of this world kinda feeling. I have been preparing myself for this trip not just with the language bit but also some first hand shopping for clothes that would be suitable for me to have when im there and all this is done with the help from mon coeur :) So with two luggage full of my “Going- to - Paris” goodies, I was sure I was going to a wonderful trip of a lifetime and so it was :)

Our Plan for this Trip would be taking us to Paris, to the south of France, (Nice & Monaco) then to the west of France in the Vendée Region and ending the whole trip back to Paris;

This is the map location of our planned Trip to France

Malaysia ---> Singapore ---> France

But to get there theres another story. We both left KL from two different airport and reaching at the same point which is Singapore to follow suit with our connecting flight to Paris; All together we used three different airlines. MAS, AIR ASIA & AIR FRANCE.

the diagram below can better explain the situation i think ;)

The reason why we both flew with different airlines is because mon coeur have booked his flights earlier wt MAS and finally booked mine at a later date wt Air Asia. And enough said i think no more flying seperately like this as we have tremendous problems sorting out with our luggage allowence coz different airlines have different policies ..shikes! ah well, next time we will do better with the airlines ;)

Below is a run down of our whole journey in France from Paris , to the south of france and to Nantes and back in Paris.

Charles de Gaulle Airport --> Nice = EasyJet

Nice --> Nantes = Air France

Nantes --> Paris = TGV (high speed train -the fastest in the world....)

Then on the 10th of July we finally touched down Charles de Gaulle, Paris!!

Thats the flight schedule announcing the arrival of our flight with Air France from Singapore. I have a marvelous experience with the flight and all except for one thing ! :( I hate my messed up hair ouffff! It was really awful and i ended up making a bun and just try and be comforatble with it. It got so oily and just unmanageable ! SO i have this great BIG Idea about getting it chopped off when we do get to Paris...YES! definately thats the best thing to do.....ya ah ah :)

Just before landing and also during the time we went for our luggage and sort things out with the immigration whiched was pretty quick and one thing is for sure its paperlesssss§ just what i love scan and go technology! During our flight i kept asking Ray if i need to fill in the disemmbarking card or something he said no need...and i dont see the stewardess fussing themselves either to distribute any kind of form so i was a bit anxious on that matter and when we reached the immigration cehre i just breeze thru with just as much as a smile from the officer and he muttered something in french which i guess sounding like Bienvenue or something i just muttered quite quickly merci beaucoup and smile my widest smile and i can see mon coeur i on the other side waiting for me anxiously worries honey;;winkµµ here i come Paris!! :)

I guess the first thing i look for is naturally FOOD! And its just so me indeed to go and look for food heheheh and then i saw the signage....its in € and my mind is calculating oh my goodness!! in my mind RM10 for a milkbread :o!! I told mon coeur i think i will be on a diet here i think i told him jokingly and he laughed coz he knows whats going to happened in the end indeed hehehhe

After getting some food, we ventured to the car rental counter where mon coeur made prior bookings thru the internet with Budget Car Rental which was really good; Although, i repeat ALTHOUGH....we couldnt get my favourite citroen C3 as thats what mon coeur ask forwhen he did the bookings with them but unfortunately they told us the car will not be ready and so we opt for the toyota which was also nice and comfy and was our transportation all the time we were in Paris. Anyhow, thumbs up for Budget Car rentals :)

I was remembering my niece Miss J in Canada doing photoblogging while travelling in the car and snapping all them nice and story telling pics so i said ok will try that and this is what i get. I just snap snap snap away so here are the scenes :)

By the way, i just got to tell you guys about the first pic of Carrefour on this one i snap it coz i find it strange to see carrefour as a Petrolm Station when im more familiar seeing it as a supermarket heheheh This French ahhh!!! hahahaha

Finally we reach to our destination which was in Port de Bercy where we are going to meet our host which is little Dhini and mom Vita and absentee, Daddy Serge. It was a wonderful occasion as when we reach their home it also happens to be Vita's Birthday and so the cadeau was handy :) and as for Dhini her eyes just shows how eager she is to open her cadeau and play :) Durign the little time that we spend time with each other Dhini have been my French Teacher. She speaks absolutely perfect French to my oppinion and of course it helps a lot as she speaks Bahasa Indonesia to me at most times when she sees me hopelessly loss in translation hahaha :) I hope to see our little bubbly Dhini again soon and hopefully this time i would have a better grasps at my french speaking ;) To our wonerful friends Serge and Vita, we thank you both much for having us at your home and it was a wonderful stay indeed; Thank you once again :)
And to my little teacher Dhini....emmmuahhh! :) Merci beaucoup, from both of us :)

Then the final thing that we did was we went to the nearby Carrefour mall and there is when i deided to have my hair chopped off yes i finally did it! and little Dhini and mum Vita accompanied me to do the deed with my hair and we did it at Franck Provost. Its supposed to be good so walla! our hair are short!!I have not been to the hairdresser for neon years and suddenly i decided its time to have a new hair style and cost me like 35€.....ermn gonna diet again oufff!! heheh Dhini had her hair cut also and she is really looking like a cute button!

Anyhow these are the things we managed to do that day as mon couer had to work and Serge had a prior engagement wt work too so a short visit and a splendid and wonderful afternoon and evening spent with Vita and Dhini telling me about the places of interest in Paris and everything. So hope you guys are entertained with my blogging and no worries theres going to be more post from me on my French Voyage!

Stay tuned! ;)
C & R

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