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Saturday, 27 February 2010

DAY 58 - Chillaxing on a lazy saturday...

We are lazy!

Yes we are both lazy on this fine warm saturday not only we woke up late but we also put on our official "Vacance" T shirt of our lasting memory of "East Meets West" summer wedding + holidays back in sabah in 2009. When we wear this T-shirt, it brings us a lot of memories of our wedding and holidays with family and warm fuzzy feelings just crept into us, very nice feeling indeed :)

Actually why we adorn this T-shirt is because once again we are planning for our grand vacance which is in May and we spent the whole day with the callendar of month May printed out and filling it in with prospective place to go and i just love it when we are doing this :)

And finally its all finished and done with and now we are ready for the month of May! there are still some final bookings to be done with but our air tickets are all purchased and ready now :)

 So here is the..
bleu , blanc, , rouge  
team :)

france and sabah have the same colours in their flag just that the colours are arrange on a different orientation see what i mean? :)

And here is the logo on our shirt courtesy of our T-Shirt creator Mr Melvin Ho :)
I gave him the idea and he transformed it to this. :)
So if you want to create logo's and shirts and all go see this charming and handsome of a guy and most of all he is really funny and friendly and so easy to work with i wouldnt want anyone else :)
 xie xie nie again Melvin, your contribution to us is priceless indeed  :)
 from the bleu , blanc, , rouge   team :)

À bientôt

DAY 57 - something drumming outside..

 Didn't know what was happening but i can hear drums drumming loudly outside our appartment so i went out to the balcony along with my camera and this is what i saw ....a Parade :)

 What a parade :)

À bientôt

Friday, 26 February 2010

DAY 56 - I'm a student again :)

Yeahhhh! I'm going to be a college student again :)

It seems like a dream but it's really happening and i'm finding myself going back to school again after so long and what more i'm doing a totally different path from what i have been doing during my uni days.

When i was living in France, i was exposed to a totally different way of life there where Bio things and all natural goodness is very much incoporated in their daily lives. As for me it used to be no difference to me what i put in my mouth to eat and now i know the difference and because of this i want to know more about nutritions and anything about natural products and natural substance that will benefit us with better health. So, i started to investigate on it and finally i got what i needed and that is distance learning!

So this course is going to educate me more on natural health as a whole and when i do graduate i will then have the diploma that will enable me to be a Natural health consultant, in which i can be a natural health consultant interms of alternative medicine, vital hygiene, nutrition & degenerative diseases and the next level is the natural health educator that allows me to give seminars and educate others on nutritions and food. And finally level three will make me be qualified as a Natural Health Technician where i can work as a therapist in a health care centre.

I'm very eager and excited to start the course which is in March and i have my very understanding and supportive husband to thank for all this as he is the one who encouraged me to study again and put so much efforts in making it real for me and who pushes me to go beyond what i can bring myself to.
Je t'aime mon coeur! I guess when it comes to acquiring knowledge, we are never too late or too old to begin! We are learning everyday and i guess my studies will keep me busy now :)

À bientôt

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I miss Paris...

I was browsing through my own blog and scrolling to the bottom i have all but forgotten that i had installed this wonderful widget that lets me view Eiffel Tower in real time coz they installed a web cam view of the Eiffel tower. so so so nice :)

À bientôt

DAY 55 - Le Papillon :)

I came across this movie a long time ago while i was learning my french and it is still in my memory and somehow whenever i listen to this song it makes me smile and just think of happy things and be thankful always.

Hope you guys enjoyed this song as much as i do and one other thing...i had this mp3 song since 2007 and thats during the time me and hubby met and from that on i had this song as my ring tone whenever he calls so i would know that it is my Frenchie that is calling :) Fond memories indeed but guess what? i still have the ring tone with me and it still rings only for my one and only Frenchie :)

Im not sure though where i got the song in the first place perhaps from Amey or Daphne..not sure now :)  But whomever you are...merci beaucoup! :)

 À bientôt

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

DAY 54 - Pampering day for me...

My first pédicure and manicure in Angola! yeah!
My good friend Calvine did it for me and i just have to go about 3 floors down to do it. I'm so happy to have finally found someone to do this girly things for me :) i-m truly happy for this :)

À bientôt

Monday, 22 February 2010

DAY 53 - Yummy Dinner :)

We had very good salad dinner for the past weeks and this is probably the most we ate because after this we have to wait for at least a week for our next harvest.

The digital farmer himself assembling his yummylicious salad which consist of 
the green salads, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, cheeze and french dressing of his making :)

Ahh...the finished product :)

ready to chow down the salad :)

 ahhh ..look the massacred salad pods :) No worries, they will be right up back the next morning ;)

and after salad we had these..seafood paella :) yumm! yumm! indeed :)

À bientôt

Sunday, 21 February 2010

DAY 52 - Just an ordinary Sunday...

Just a normal sunday we had with lots of chillaxing and both of us are very much doing our own thing on the computer researching and planning for the holidays and the most importantly...budgeting! Yeap cant escape from this part thats for sure and its important too so we are doing it ahead of time so that we wont have too much stuffs to worry about when we are hard on concentration on having super fun during our vacation time comes May!

Anyhow..mon coeur had his twice monthly hair cut and yeap! his hair is like a G.I Joe now hehehe :)

Crew cut to the max :)

After all that hard work we had this yummylicious Baked Salmon top with dijon mustard and bread crumbs to satisfy our appetites :) yummmm!

Have a great week ahead everyone!

À bientôt

DAY 51 - Farewell Party Night!

We had a wonderful time at the Fraewell party of mon coeurs collegues and we enjoyed particularly the music and dance for the night and here are some of the snaps :)

Before we left picture a candid from mon coeur.

and another one before we head downstairs for some fun :)

The party begins :)
Here is us with Yan

Am so Glad to be able to play catch up with Angela and of course with Alice :)

and another snap by someone ..and at the background there's Julien just about to do a rabit ears on me :p

The dancing troops :) they really know how to dance they do :)

The ANgolan Dance

Everybody and everyone

And the dancing video..its worth to have a look at the beautiful way they are dancing, some are funny but sure is entertaining :) The musics on this video is all directly from the video and thts how loud the music is :)

and finally one for the road..but we didnt use any road last night as the party was just a few floors away from us hehehe convenient aye :)

all in all we enjoyed the party very much and hope you guys enjoyed the pics and video too :)

À bientôt

Saturday, 20 February 2010

JUst BeCause.....

Ferdinand turns 1 (Last year's pics)

This post was supposed to be last year, BUT i didnt have the time to post then so since i have tonnes of time now so why not do a backdated ones coz i do have A LOT of things happening last year that i didnt get to post coz i didnt have the time for i globe hopping a lot and so the story piling up but didnt get any posting done coz i ran out of days for 2009 to play catch up with all my postings and picture post. Thats also the reason why i put myself the challenge of posting 365 Days, just to make me get out there and start writing and posting pictures that means so much to me.
And one of them happens to be my nephew Ferdinand's birthday back in November 2009. I flew back home and managed to celebrate his birthday together with all the family :) Superb!

The family minus John and mon coeur

The family minus me & mon coeur

Dinand was having a ball cutting his Oreo cake and feeding his parents the cake :)

mom & me with our new glasses :)

my little munchkins & me and of course doremon :))

my sister Mapsey Doodles & me also wt our new glasses :)

The specky girls :)
Clare, me Mapsey and mom :)

Mom and her daughters and son
Mom look great for one that just came out of the hospital.

And finally the family pic minus Mapsey doodle doo :)

À bientôt