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Friday, 26 February 2010

DAY 56 - I'm a student again :)

Yeahhhh! I'm going to be a college student again :)

It seems like a dream but it's really happening and i'm finding myself going back to school again after so long and what more i'm doing a totally different path from what i have been doing during my uni days.

When i was living in France, i was exposed to a totally different way of life there where Bio things and all natural goodness is very much incoporated in their daily lives. As for me it used to be no difference to me what i put in my mouth to eat and now i know the difference and because of this i want to know more about nutritions and anything about natural products and natural substance that will benefit us with better health. So, i started to investigate on it and finally i got what i needed and that is distance learning!

So this course is going to educate me more on natural health as a whole and when i do graduate i will then have the diploma that will enable me to be a Natural health consultant, in which i can be a natural health consultant interms of alternative medicine, vital hygiene, nutrition & degenerative diseases and the next level is the natural health educator that allows me to give seminars and educate others on nutritions and food. And finally level three will make me be qualified as a Natural Health Technician where i can work as a therapist in a health care centre.

I'm very eager and excited to start the course which is in March and i have my very understanding and supportive husband to thank for all this as he is the one who encouraged me to study again and put so much efforts in making it real for me and who pushes me to go beyond what i can bring myself to.
Je t'aime mon coeur! I guess when it comes to acquiring knowledge, we are never too late or too old to begin! We are learning everyday and i guess my studies will keep me busy now :)

À bientôt


  1. Well if you learn of anything to make old baldy John grow hair on his head that would be good. Also to stop him forgetting things that would be great. Good luck with your studies.

  2. hahaha :) thats really a tough job i think :) and thank you for the Good luck wish i need lots of it now :)

  3. Hi Clarity!
    Was blog hopping and chanced upon your blog.

    Like you, i've been working for the past years, and finally this year, i'm back to being a student again!

    It feels good, but i'm sure soon enough, i'll wish i was working again :p

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Hi Sunshine!

    Thanks for hopping to my blog and add some notes :) Yes it's really tough going back to study but most of all im going to enjoy it very much as i love doing study work and as i have plenty of time to spare so i guess it's a good time to start something :)Have a good week ahead :)