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Sunday, 21 February 2010

DAY 52 - Just an ordinary Sunday...

Just a normal sunday we had with lots of chillaxing and both of us are very much doing our own thing on the computer researching and planning for the holidays and the most importantly...budgeting! Yeap cant escape from this part thats for sure and its important too so we are doing it ahead of time so that we wont have too much stuffs to worry about when we are hard on concentration on having super fun during our vacation time comes May!

Anyhow..mon coeur had his twice monthly hair cut and yeap! his hair is like a G.I Joe now hehehe :)

Crew cut to the max :)

After all that hard work we had this yummylicious Baked Salmon top with dijon mustard and bread crumbs to satisfy our appetites :) yummmm!

Have a great week ahead everyone!

À bientôt

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