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Sunday, 14 February 2010

DAY 44 - Kidnapped Day

Yes, today i was kidnapped!
He told me in the morning that we are going out for lunch in a place far far away for a short road trip. As usual i just have time to grab our identical  tiny bags and one of it contains our usual picnic essentials which includes our bathing suits and two towels, first aid kit and a sun block and the other one is where we put all our cameras in. So off we went with our sun hat and all to a place called "Barra do Cuanza" about 70km south of Angola. And hubby said we are going to have our lunch in a restaurant that he use to go with his friends before i arrived in Angola and the place is called "Kwanza Lodge"

Barra do Cuanza

Photos of people of Angola all the way on our road trip

Ahh..i love this! Its a school of baobarb trees :)

The trip wont be complete if we didnt make a stop at  the "mirador"
It's my second time visiting this manifique Landscape

"The  the Mirador"

Thepreture check and it was just 31°C..phew..not to bad indeed :)

Finally we arrived at  "Kwanza Lodge" just before midday.
In other words, just in time for lunch :)

Happy faces  all around :)

that is Samson being chased around by a small terrier he he he shame on you scary cat samson :)

Our appertiser compliments from the Lodge

The scenery around the Lodge

The jetty, the banggalows facing the river and around the back are some other banggalows thats facing the beach side. What so wonderful about this place is that, you can enjoy the river and the beach side because the lodge is located at the mouth of the River. They have river cruise and deep sea fishing all at one place.
very greeny and beautiful and most of all very tranquil indeed :)

playing around with the camera while waiting for the buffet to commence.

This shot is after Lunch and after i was presented with the room key which is a suprise for me coz Hubby said we are just coming for lunch and we ended up staying for the weekend and hence the suprise from hubby to celebrate Valentines Day :)) sweettt :)

Checking out our romantic banggalow which was facing the river :)
And realising that i only brought my toothbrush and toothpaste and nothing else.....ermnnn

Ah well..i guess it's time to check out the beach :)

The photographer of the day :)

the poser for the day :) hehehe

The beautiful scenery and some local boys playing around the beach

The look of the banggalow looking out towards the beach side

Our findings of the day!
Love shape bean! Hubby found it and presented to me..another sweet moment again :) cupid must be helping him alot that day for scoring some romantic points including finding this heart shape bean on the sand :)
I guess now i just need to figure out how to preserve this bean now eh...

Ok we are done on the beach...its time to check out the river and before that snap! another token for for us to remember this day :)

We had a wonderful time soaking in the river water the water was not so warm but after a while it was ok :)

And of course curious Samson dont want to miss on the fun too :) he is having a jolly good time soaking in the water too :)

Hanging out on our river-front balcony while eating "kacang" and drinking our coffee and reading a book  and not forgetting also watching Samson swimming with his mama + papa in the river :)
Had a wonderful day and it was time to enjoy the sunset and the wonderful dinner buffet at the Lodge restaurant :)

And the morning came and we were woken up by loud thunder noise and RAIN!

One last snap before we hit the road :)

And...look at the tempreture and the change of weather! Unbelievable!

All in all we had a wonderful kidnapped weekend and i dont mind being kidnapped again by my husband in the near future :) Hope he will do it a lot more time too hehehehe :)

Happy Valentines Indeed :)

À bientôt

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  1. Nice lah the place. The dog pun dun wana get left out. :)