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Sunday, 21 February 2010

DAY 51 - Farewell Party Night!

We had a wonderful time at the Fraewell party of mon coeurs collegues and we enjoyed particularly the music and dance for the night and here are some of the snaps :)

Before we left picture a candid from mon coeur.

and another one before we head downstairs for some fun :)

The party begins :)
Here is us with Yan

Am so Glad to be able to play catch up with Angela and of course with Alice :)

and another snap by someone ..and at the background there's Julien just about to do a rabit ears on me :p

The dancing troops :) they really know how to dance they do :)

The ANgolan Dance

Everybody and everyone

And the dancing video..its worth to have a look at the beautiful way they are dancing, some are funny but sure is entertaining :) The musics on this video is all directly from the video and thts how loud the music is :)

and finally one for the road..but we didnt use any road last night as the party was just a few floors away from us hehehe convenient aye :)

all in all we enjoyed the party very much and hope you guys enjoyed the pics and video too :)

À bientôt

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