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Monday, 15 February 2010

DAY 46 - CNY 2010

SInce last year we did a small CNY celebration in Paris so i thought, yeah why not do it in Angola too so we didi :)
Just a siumple spread for the guest to enjoy :) and the theme of the day is anything with red on it and Sebastien and Elo did really well with matching of black and red for the night :) 
Ray opt for something that he has been itching to try on since it's from Mapsey Doodle back in KK so here is just the right opportunity for him to wear his chinese costume :)

Sebastien and Elo Claval doing the pose for me :)

Elo and me :)

 Mon coeur with his red handkerchief just to stay in tuned with the theme colour of that day oh yes forgot to mentioned also he was wearing his red socks too hahahah :)

After the big meal we decided to head to the back balcony to get us some fresh air and enjoying Luanda by night and accompanied by some dancing musics by our neighbour up on the rooftop.

 Our party-boopers neighbour having a wonderful time on the rooftop with some good musics was good entertainment for us no need to put on any musics as theirs were really loud indeed.

The Clavals enjoying the fresh air

was trying to get all four in the picture but was a quite challenging task i might say

 And finally, One for the album and Happy chinese New Year to all and hope that the year of the tiger will bring great prosperity to everyone! 

Gong Xi Fatt Choi!!

À bientôt

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