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Friday, 5 February 2010

DAY 36 - i miss all the greens..

I miss Borneo! I miss the feeling of being in the island where you can see coconut trees by the beach side and green green plants and flowers and everything...

It's quite a contrast to where we are living now and me and hubby talk a lot about the things that we miss the most when we moved to Luanda and one thing is for sure we both have the same thought and that we miss the greens and flowers back home either in France or back in KK. It's a different beauty here, although the weather is about the same as in Malaysia, the vegetations are different and the soil is definately different its red in colour.

When one is away from their own natural surroundings one gets to appreciate more of what they cant see or feel and when they get back to their own surroundings is when you will say Home sweet home :)

I miss my mom's/grandma's flowers and greens

Miss my mom too :)

and and faithful protector OB-Chan short for Oberone.

with his ever so attentive ears...

And his handsome smile!

And dearest family! Especially the tiny tots "Ferdinand"
I guess i see yo guys back in April until then lots and lots of virtual kisses and hugs from me and ray all the way from Angola

À bientôt


  1. It sounds like anyone would miss living there, and that furbody is so handsome.

  2. handsome he is this one and it breaks my heart everytime i went home and had to leave him again after a few weeks....sad :( but at least i know he will be looking after my parents well while im not there :)

  3. CillyBilly! can u tell me the date u r going back to KK in April...maybe we can go down together...(cough*choke*splutter) kan i am a certified BUM now... i want to go back for a few days in April & again in May for the wedding! Woohooo!!!

  4. bah saya singgah KL lah kalau gitu should be in early april but hv to wait until my flight confirm first k