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Monday, 1 March 2010

DAY 59 - Just the two of us :)

Finally, after a lazy saturday we up a notch and be un lazy for a few hours and drive ourselves to the
it's about 1 hour or less to reach the Palmeirinhas

I bet you guys cant see this clearly but it is 32°C which is normal for an early morning here in Luanda

And here is kilomètre quatorze

i dont know what happened here just a snap of my feet and mon coeur's fingers :)

on our way....

i like this picture and this is just before we turn to go to Palmeirinhas

Finally we choose this cabana as our picnic spot and inside you can see the sign 1000Kw thats how much these types of cabana is here

Getting ready for the BBQ.
Raymond calling the security guy and me starting to gather some dry wood to start the BBQ going

We bought two tiny cast iron cooker to make our individual soup with chicken /carrots /leeks and water and seasoned with some salt and pepper
And next we had the Chops too :)
The cooking part is easy but the fire making is hard but once it burns it really burns and with my tiny cast iron cooker it only took just 8 minutes to make our chicken soup yummy :)
then the chops just took us roughly 10 minutes
ah finally we had the BBQ going and here is the end product of it :)

While waiting for our BBQ to cook we went swimming and look at the prestine beach :)

and i managed to catch a photo of this eagle hovering close to our picnic area looking for food.

some fun in the sun :) is marvelous and now it's time to have some shut eye :)

and raymond said yes yes yes to the sudgestion of having a short nap under the hut :)

there he goes napping happily :)

reading's hard to concentrate when you have this in front of you......look at below pic :)

a view of this not too far away from our picnic cabana and wow that is one nice tushies :)

Then for a bit of snap! snap! and togetherness moment before we have to pack up and head home.

If you want to know why we had our hast on during swimming is because of this :) it was 41°C!

finally...our signature shot!


  1. Bestnya go bbq at the beach but I don't think I can stand the heat. :)

  2. ha ha ha yeah the heat was terrible but the beach was nice and also the wind blowing was really great and sleeping under the cabana was quite refreshing too :)

  3. omg, Clarity!
    I LOVE this post. So super sweet! Ü It is always great just having some time together on a beach escapade. This to me, is a "Valentine's Day" In itself. ;)

    Happy weekend Ü