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Monday, 10 January 2011

My OB-Chan :)

Just wanna share a photo of my OB-Chan :)
didnt get to spend much time with him during my visit in December so this is all i got of him :)

À bientôt

2009 and 2010 anniversaries :)

Anniversaries :)
Last year i didnt get to blog about our outings during our 1st anniversary of our marriage due to flying here and there and so just never got the time to dig out the photos until now. So here are the photos of our anniversaries of 2009 in Nantes and 2010 in KK, Sabah :)
Location: Restaurant Cigale
4 Place Graslin
44000 Nantes, France

interior of the restaurant and our photo together

Our dinner

Our bubbles :)

Just after Dinner @ the hotel

The morning after the anniversary Dinner we went for a short tour of Nantes before we head back to Beauvoir to get ready for our departure back to Angola. All in all it was a wonderful time out with each other just to celebrate privately our 1st anniversary :)

Location: Rasa Ria Resort
Pantai Dalit Beach, Kota Kinabalu 
89208, Malysia

In 2010, we were fortunate enough to be in KK, Sabah during our 2nd wedding anniversary and it was definitely a memorable weekend together and time out from the hustle and bustle of the busy city and just escape to this magnificent paradise and revisit the Orang Utan which we visited during when we were still engaged to each other back then and promised that we will revisit the orang utan sanctuary again and perhaps stay in the resort the next time we went visiting. And finally during the weekend of our 2nd anniversary we had nothing planned but suddenly hubby thought of a brilliant idea which is to revisit the orang utans and stay for the weekend  at the resort and celebrate our 2nd anniversary there and that is exactly what we did. With the help from the staff at Rasa Ria resort we managed to make some arrangement to have a small cake for us during  our buffet dinner at the Hotel Restaurant called Tepi Laut. It was a double celebration as we were also celebrating hubby's birthday at the same time.

so here are our pictures during our stay at the resort :) 

The beautiful beach :)

Our beautiful room :)

Our beach stroll in the evening :)

The night of our anniversry dinner view from our room :)

Cake and the celebration :)

The happy birthday guy with his cake and also the spontaneous birthday singers :)

The day after was our revisit to the Orang Utan Sanctuary which we love very much :) and at 3 months pregnant i was still able to give a small hill a good hike up :)

And here are the little fellows that we could not get enough of looking at them year by year and we promise again to come revisit them gentle hearts and next time it will be three of us :)

À bientôt

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year Eve 2010 & New Year 2011 :)

31st December 2010

New Year's Eve Lunch
What did we do during New Year's Eve?
well i must say, after just arriving in Angola for two days, and going home to a huge mess at our fridge and congelator because of the one week power cut here while we were away  was not what we expected to find on our arrival day and spending the whole day cleaning the mess and not mentioning trying to get rid of the stench smell was no easy task but poor hubby was doing most of the cleaning coz my pregnant senses is too much to handle with the awful smell and all so hubby was left doing all the cleaning himself. So, since we didn't have much to fix anything for lunch so i wipe up this no fuss lunch for both of us just by using tuna, bow tie pasta, dried tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms and potatoes. so we had a vegetarian lunch that afternoon :) I call it Baked tuna pasta in potatoes :)
 surprisingly it tasted yummy as i put mashed potatoes on top of the pasta and baked it to golden brown crispy :) Hubby gave it a thumbs up for my newly invented recipe :)

New Year's Eve Dinner

 I must say i dint have much inspiration as to prepare our New Year's Eve dinner except that i knew that its going to be Asian cuisine  coz thats about all my senses are pointing at since im pregnant. So here is what i have prepared for the night, mainly its for satisfying my baby's preference for food so i made two dishes and one is Green Thai Curry Chicken  (For me) and Tomatoes Beef (for hubby) 
so we both ended up eating separate dishes all together one  for each heeheh :)

so here are the foodies :)


 Mine :)

 Hubby's dish :)

And finally..... Dessert!
This dessert  is special as it was flown from France in my luggage and it survived the journey inside my luggage without any damaged! It is called Gateau Tourteau Fromager

 Le Tourteau Fromagé is a French cheesecake

Oh and yes, what's a new year celebration without a toast with some bubbles and so we got one that is non alcohol and surprisingly again, it was yummy and it has a peach flavour to it :)

 A wonderful bubble to go with the slide to the new year 2011 :)

 Good Morning 2011!

 Here is the pancake i woke up to the morning of 2011 and thanks to hubby for them delicious fluffy pancakes yummmmm indeed :)


 And finally our first photo together taken in 1/1/11
Have a wonderful year ahead everyone!!

À bientôt