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Monday, 16 May 2011

We got the Keys! :)

Stay tune for more updates! :))

À bientôt

Sunday, 15 May 2011


 Not sure wh happened but seems my post a few days back is gone?? How can this be?

À bientôt

NEW Chillaxing @ the park :)

These days, as my pregnancy is progressing towards the end of the term, i find it more and more difficult to walk so one of the weekends when the weather was not too hot we decided to head to Creek Side Park, in Dubai just to hang out and relax on the grass. It was already late when we left and so we only had less then 2 hours there in the park, and so the pictures will show the park and what we did while we were there :)

Here is the location map to go to the Creek Side Park, courtesy from Google Maps :)

The first thing we saw was the cactus garden

And..the rock garden

ome of the cactus flower that i managed to take even with the poorest of light 

Ah see, the cactus bush i call it :)

some photo of us with the different background of the flower garden and the rock formation garden

And DH with the tikar on his hand and also with the cable car round the back as the backdrop....superb!

The stairs to go to the rock formation garden..which i didnt go coz i hate going on stairs with my condition now coz the moment i reach the top i will surely be searching for the toilet next so a picture of the garden is more then enough for me hhehe :)

Another one of the cactus flowers

The dragon flower :)

some pictures of us with some different background again

And here is a picture of us taken by a stranger couple who ask DH if he could help them take their picture and later they seemed to return the favour for us by taking our picture for us : Thank you very much indeed :)

The cable cars

And so we found a spot and as you can see the lighting was a bit dark this because it was close to sunset already

The suroundings area overlooking the bridge

the view on our back

to our left side

And the view closest to me :) Daddy to be is relaxing  under a small coconut tree doing his reading on BABY stuffs :))

Ah well, that wraps up our visit to Creek Side Park and until our next post!

À bientôt

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Look who finally made her debut :)

 My brother and SIL finally got their wish for a girl when 2.7kg Maiya was born on the 9th of May 2011.
She is definitely the first Princess in our family and she is as cute as a button :)

Can't hardly wait to see her and once again congratulations to the proud parents of Maiya and not forgetting also to little Ferdinand the little big brother :)

À bientôt

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011 :)

Just want to take the opportunity to wish all the moms out there and especially to my beloved mom a very happy mother's day!

Bonne Fête de Mères!!

À bientôt

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Joy Ride in Sharjah! :)

One of the fun weekend we did was just take off and went jalan2 in the car as my pregnant belly now only permits me to walk but not too much of it. So, my adventures hubby then suggested that we do our sightseeing today by car and travel north and check out the heritage village in Sharjah and moving a bit further to another state of the UAE and that is Ajman.

Here is the location of from where we start which is from point A in Sharjah to point B which is in Ajman.

So we arrived at the Heritage village in Sharjah!

And the first thing that caught my eyes is this beautiful mosaic mosque!

Simply beautiful!

The side entrance to the village

If im not going to toilets I'd be sitting down hehehe

And we got side tracked a bit and decided to visit the SOUQ first then continue to see the other sites.

I just love the tiny2 alleys they have

some of the things you can find at the Souq

Looking on...

antique stuffs everywhere...

found a small alley that leads to.....

my hubby!! hehheh

Actually it leads to this beautiful tiny mosque

Trying to find our way out through this labyrinth

Finally we found our way out....and now to find a toilet!

No toilet yet but a beautiful building across the village

the madame is anxious to find a toilet.
 And finally we cant find any so we start to drove further north and just see what we can find and besides we are both hungry by this time so a late brunch is in order!

we drove...

and we drove..

And we saw this beautiful government building on the way

a tiny mosque

a slightly bigger mosque

a water fountain which is a must in all sites in the UAE

And finally my sharp eyes on the road saw an Italian restaurant attached to a four star resort called Coral Shore resort and so we stop by and sample the food there and take a walk along the garden at the resort and enjoy the beach view :)

Mine :)

Hubby's pick.

By the way, ater i finished my spaghetti i help him finish his pizza too so that gives you an idea how "godoot" i am hehehheh :)

Then we continue our sight seeing by car to Ajman.

These sums up our tour of Ajman which is not much to say so on the way back home we decided to stop by another souq in sharjah

Here it is Souq Central

And the building is covered with blue mosaic

Finally we found a parking and IN we go :)

I was too tired to buy anything this time just my eyes are a having fun looking at the exotic stuffs they have selling in them Souq. Well anyhow this is the end of our Jalan-jalan Day and until next time :)

À bientôt