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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Miss M and BBKK :)

Boleh Bah Kalau Kau! :))  

À bientôt

Sewing day! :)

Today i decided to spend a few hours just doing some sewing as i have lot's of new sarongs that I've brought with me from Malaysia and thought I'd make a simple dress for Miss M, and so, Voila!

 It took me less an hour to do this and i remembered i use to have a lot of this type of dressses back when i was a kid  and my grandma use to sew them coz they are simple and easy and so very comfortable to use and she made me pyjamas too and thats going to be on my next project :)

And here is my little model, modeling my latest sewing project!
until my next post,Have a plesant day today!

À bientôt

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

CNY 2012

Just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year 2012 and Welcome Year of the Dragon!

À bientôt

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Photo fun!

We didnt have anything plan so what i did was set up my camera on automatic and voila our very own instant family photo!
It's amazing how this DSLR camera can do wonders just by a press of a button :) and I'm loving my baby D300 so far :))

Have a prosperous weekend y'all!

À bientôt

Friday, 20 January 2012

Bisous! Bisous!

 I have missed my daddy during this week coz he's been working late and by the time he's back I'm already asleep so my daddy made Friday as my fun and quality time with him :)
J' adore mon Papa!!

 Bisous! Bisous! papa :)

 Miss M loving every minute of her morning sunshine time with Daddy :))

À bientôt

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wordless Wednesday

À bientôt

Bad thing called ' The sniffles"

 Poor Miss M :(( She's having the sniffles and me no likey :((
Hope she will recover soon from this awful and irritating thing :( 
As a mom, it breaks my heart to see her sniffling all through the night, feeling cranky , tired and uncomfortable :( sigh* I did all i can but the sniffling just wont budge 
Hopefully tomorrow she will be smiling again and that her runny nose will stop :(

Get well soon sweetie!

À bientôt

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Happy & Healthy 9 months of my life :)

And if you are pregnant or have given birth, you surely have a story or two up your sleeve. From the time you first saw that line on your home pregnancy test to the day you bump starts to show and ultrasound follow suit and viewing your baby for the first time and how you felt the first time that the baby move inside your belly or your first real contractions, a lot has happened and definately the Happy and Healthy 9 months that you carried the baby in your belly and only to be rewarded at the end of it a beautiful bundle of joy that lits up your life everyday onwards.

When i was pregnant i didnt post any stories or photos of me being pregnant just because at that time i was fully obsorbed to what was happening to me and my changing body , mind and soul that i just dont have the sound mind to write anything about it coz it was all so beautiful of an experience. and i kept telling myself to take pictures as i grew bigger so that i can blog about it when i have my mind back to normal again and NO pregnancy brain hehehe and so I did, and here are the collections of my Happy and Healthy 9 months of carrying Miss M in my belly :))

It all started with this thing call BFP (Big Fat Positive)
I don't know about others but i had to have a whole bunch of this test trips and different types too to convince me that I'm with child :) coz i really didnt expect it to happen after waiting on for two years for this BFP to be a reality and when it came about, i had to take tons of this sticks to convince me that i am actually pregnant :)

and the growing continues....

I think I started taking belly shots when my bumb starts showing and that was during week 12 andthe last one i did was at week 38

The first trimester
Is a time filled with excitement and happiness. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional.
For me it was more of being scared of not knowing what not and need to do was all a bit of overwhelming and frustration mainly because we were living in Angola at that time and everything seems so difficult there and more so situations there with the hospitals is something of a horror story for me. Anyway it's in the past now phew!
Did three international flights, Angola, France and Malaysia. and survived all without any hitched ;)

The  second trimester 
the most blissful times in pregnancy. Not only you see my pregnant belly growing, but so is the excitement building up about whats growing in my belly!  Me and hubby were thrilled to have found out that we were going to have a girl and the excitement builds up once again :)) At the meantime i was suffering a bit with feeling nausea but my appetite for food still the same and worse still i crave for all Malaysian food hehehe. I vormit a couple of times but thats about it :) Lucky me :))

The third trimster
This is the beginning of a new chapter in life thats amazingly breathtaking for all the right reasons. This is our first child and I honestly never thought it could ever happen to me. It did. The process of pregnancy is overwhelming,overweight, and that's the beauty of it. Mixed hormonal moods,with sickness, and tiredness. Then the bright side of it, the fetal movements kicks and punches, not feeling alone knowing you'll never be alone,the moments to come, the ability to watch your child grow, and the excitment meeting this tiny creature you've been harboring. It's so easy but yet so complicated.Nothing in the world can make you feel the way you do when your pregnant and hormonal and that isn't s lie.
This is the time when you do planning for labor, choosing natural labor yes or no, or preparing for breastfeeding or otherwise and go to birth classes and having your very own midwife. I guess i am lucky to find a good hospital , good staff and a brilliant doctor and the most helpful,strong and wonderful midwife to help me through this last leg of my pregnancy.

It was indeed a wonderful journey! Giving birth is the most momentous and precious part of pregnancy, and involves a lot of hard work, energy, and emotion. And once it's all done and finished you are left with this beautiful bundle of joy, energy drained and mind drained too but it's all worth it coz what you have in your arms is all that matters and it spells and smells of happiness and that is a guarantee :)

I guess I found my 2nd happiness in our new baby.
and another chapter unfolds in our life as a new family of three :)

À bientôt

Saturday, 14 January 2012

7 months old and counting...

 Our little Miss M turns 7 months old today... feels like just yesterday i gave birth to this smiley baby and look at her now...7 months later, with 2 +1.5 teeth to boast, some hair, and a lot of babling, tons of laughter, eating like an elephant and kisses and hugs, loads of it for mummy and is good indeed :)

Happy birthday  notre petite coeur!

Je t'aime mon petite coeur :))

À bientôt

Friday, 13 January 2012

New Bed For Miss M :)

 Finally we decided to get Miss M a proper bed coz the Graco Pack b Play is begining to be too small and a bit of a problem when Miss M starts to associate her bed and her play pen to be the same and therefore she regard her bed as a place to play instead of sleep so problem this :/

Miss M in her Graco Pack n Play Pen (L) and also her Play Pen (R).
You see what i mean? The same netted sides makes her feel that she is still in Play mode and so the sleepless nights goes on..until we found THIS!

After lots of considerartion back and fort from Mothercare and Babyshop here in Dubai , finally we opt for this one in Mothercare and also because it was on SALES! :))

Here is Miss M helping out her daddy or rather helping out eating out the Manual book for daddy hehehehe :))
Oh Voila! siap sudah bed si Miss M! Tengok tuh face happiness kan dapat berdiri and hold on to the railings lagi siapa ndak happy :)

Wah, so so so so Happy, but now we will see if the happiness is extended to her actually sleep in that new bed of hers...jeng! jeng! jeng!

Nah kan, tidur dengan nyenyaknya sudah si Miss M ni :)) We are so happy she likes the bed and actually loves sleeping on it is a wonderful bonus indeed! :))
Hip! Hip! Hooray!!

À bientôt

Monday, 9 January 2012

New Year Celebration 2011/2012

Just like Christmas, New Year is also gonna be our first time as a family of three. It was a strange feeling but a great one indeed :)

New Year Eve started off going to get some food for our special New Year Eve Dinner and the menu would be some sea food , some beef and chicken and we are going to do a steamboat party just the three of us :)

As we were buying stuff for the grill and soup for the dinner, suddenly my hubby went missing and finally i found him at one of the fish stall where they have a section where they sell oyster (huîtres)
and i laugh coz he was busy teaching people the proper way to open the oyster and eat them. The funny part is that he keeps opening them and eating them like nobody's business hahahaha and it was expensive. 
I knew he misses home back in France where they have oysters and lobster for dinner  so i told him to go get him a bucket and so he did :) he left carrefour a happy man that night :))
And so our New Year Eve begins...

Here are the to die for "oyster" He cleans them, open them, and arrange them on the palte like that but thats only half of the oyster the rest all went inside his tummy already :p

So we are ready to roll!
We decide to do steamboat on that night as i got my hubby a griller for Christmas and what better moment to use it and so we did :)

The New year toast and enjoying our dinner accompanied by this delicious red wine that we smuggled from France :) Cheers!

Then we went to our balcony and sip more wine and looking at the horizon we saw a lot of cars and a lot of people and it was time to go down and head the back of our apartment where the view of the Burj Khalifa is just manifique. so we done our jackets and pack Miss M in her comfy stroller to shield the wind and cold and yes it was 23°C that night. And so off we went :)

The view from our apartment where you can see lots of car and it's starting to be jam on the road

And zooming in we can see lots of people waiting by the roas side to watch the fireworks display as well.

And look who came out of her comfy cocoon to join us and watch the fireworks :)

Armed with her gigoteuse, Miss M is ready to slide to her first new year along with us, although she was only in for half of year of 2011 as she was born in June hehehe but never the less new year is but a new year and it is a time for celebration indeed :)

Photos of us before the firework display 2011

And this is our first family photo for 2012 :)

After this we head back to the apartment and little Miss M went back to slumber and Hubby and me stayed at the balcony for a while watching the jam and the mountain of people trying to leave  or trying to get to the metro but it was all packed. poor people who had to stay till morning because of the jam.

Look at all those lights lighting up and the jam packed roads and the metro full of buzzing people.

 Here is a zoomed photo of the metro in front of our apartment building..kesian oh

And here are the photos of the firework display at Burj Khalifa and it was onr of the most beautiful firework display I ever seen.

And yours truely

À bientôt

Thank you note from Dubai to Paris :)

 First of all, this particular post of mine is especially dedicated to Serge, Vita and Dhini In Paris :)
The reason why I'm dedicating this post to them is because they help us to get this happy baby from this awake, smiling and waking up at 4am in the morning just to help make her mom and dad have funny panda eyes the next day to.............

Eyes wide open at 4am and then.......
 THIS! Sleeping beauty mode in just after 5 minutes or so :)
And it's all thanks to this MAGIC thing called.....

 berceuses et musique douces (lullabies and soft music)
 Whenever she is cranky or just tired when we put this on she will calm down and get herself ready for going to bed. It's really amazing this gift! I must say this is the best gift ever for Miss M and she difinately appreciates every song on this CD and so are her mommy and daddy! Not just that, even the mommy and daddy are begining to sing this song whenever, whenever just to calm her down when we are at the mall or somewhere else outside our home and it seems to work everytime :) And soon we will have another copy for stanby in the car for emergency of shrieking baby Miss M while on the road :)

To that, thank you so so so so so much Serge, Vita and Dhini, we appreciated it from the bottom of our hearts!

des gros bisous from Dubai!

À bientôt