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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Happy & Healthy 9 months of my life :)

And if you are pregnant or have given birth, you surely have a story or two up your sleeve. From the time you first saw that line on your home pregnancy test to the day you bump starts to show and ultrasound follow suit and viewing your baby for the first time and how you felt the first time that the baby move inside your belly or your first real contractions, a lot has happened and definately the Happy and Healthy 9 months that you carried the baby in your belly and only to be rewarded at the end of it a beautiful bundle of joy that lits up your life everyday onwards.

When i was pregnant i didnt post any stories or photos of me being pregnant just because at that time i was fully obsorbed to what was happening to me and my changing body , mind and soul that i just dont have the sound mind to write anything about it coz it was all so beautiful of an experience. and i kept telling myself to take pictures as i grew bigger so that i can blog about it when i have my mind back to normal again and NO pregnancy brain hehehe and so I did, and here are the collections of my Happy and Healthy 9 months of carrying Miss M in my belly :))

It all started with this thing call BFP (Big Fat Positive)
I don't know about others but i had to have a whole bunch of this test trips and different types too to convince me that I'm with child :) coz i really didnt expect it to happen after waiting on for two years for this BFP to be a reality and when it came about, i had to take tons of this sticks to convince me that i am actually pregnant :)

and the growing continues....

I think I started taking belly shots when my bumb starts showing and that was during week 12 andthe last one i did was at week 38

The first trimester
Is a time filled with excitement and happiness. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional.
For me it was more of being scared of not knowing what not and need to do was all a bit of overwhelming and frustration mainly because we were living in Angola at that time and everything seems so difficult there and more so situations there with the hospitals is something of a horror story for me. Anyway it's in the past now phew!
Did three international flights, Angola, France and Malaysia. and survived all without any hitched ;)

The  second trimester 
the most blissful times in pregnancy. Not only you see my pregnant belly growing, but so is the excitement building up about whats growing in my belly!  Me and hubby were thrilled to have found out that we were going to have a girl and the excitement builds up once again :)) At the meantime i was suffering a bit with feeling nausea but my appetite for food still the same and worse still i crave for all Malaysian food hehehe. I vormit a couple of times but thats about it :) Lucky me :))

The third trimster
This is the beginning of a new chapter in life thats amazingly breathtaking for all the right reasons. This is our first child and I honestly never thought it could ever happen to me. It did. The process of pregnancy is overwhelming,overweight, and that's the beauty of it. Mixed hormonal moods,with sickness, and tiredness. Then the bright side of it, the fetal movements kicks and punches, not feeling alone knowing you'll never be alone,the moments to come, the ability to watch your child grow, and the excitment meeting this tiny creature you've been harboring. It's so easy but yet so complicated.Nothing in the world can make you feel the way you do when your pregnant and hormonal and that isn't s lie.
This is the time when you do planning for labor, choosing natural labor yes or no, or preparing for breastfeeding or otherwise and go to birth classes and having your very own midwife. I guess i am lucky to find a good hospital , good staff and a brilliant doctor and the most helpful,strong and wonderful midwife to help me through this last leg of my pregnancy.

It was indeed a wonderful journey! Giving birth is the most momentous and precious part of pregnancy, and involves a lot of hard work, energy, and emotion. And once it's all done and finished you are left with this beautiful bundle of joy, energy drained and mind drained too but it's all worth it coz what you have in your arms is all that matters and it spells and smells of happiness and that is a guarantee :)

I guess I found my 2nd happiness in our new baby.
and another chapter unfolds in our life as a new family of three :)

À bientôt

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  1. Yes it is like a new chapter begins, so we wish you a happy time.
    Licks Bobby and Pip.