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Friday, 13 January 2012

New Bed For Miss M :)

 Finally we decided to get Miss M a proper bed coz the Graco Pack b Play is begining to be too small and a bit of a problem when Miss M starts to associate her bed and her play pen to be the same and therefore she regard her bed as a place to play instead of sleep so problem this :/

Miss M in her Graco Pack n Play Pen (L) and also her Play Pen (R).
You see what i mean? The same netted sides makes her feel that she is still in Play mode and so the sleepless nights goes on..until we found THIS!

After lots of considerartion back and fort from Mothercare and Babyshop here in Dubai , finally we opt for this one in Mothercare and also because it was on SALES! :))

Here is Miss M helping out her daddy or rather helping out eating out the Manual book for daddy hehehehe :))
Oh Voila! siap sudah bed si Miss M! Tengok tuh face happiness kan dapat berdiri and hold on to the railings lagi siapa ndak happy :)

Wah, so so so so Happy, but now we will see if the happiness is extended to her actually sleep in that new bed of hers...jeng! jeng! jeng!

Nah kan, tidur dengan nyenyaknya sudah si Miss M ni :)) We are so happy she likes the bed and actually loves sleeping on it is a wonderful bonus indeed! :))
Hip! Hip! Hooray!!

À bientôt

1 comment:

  1. Ah! sleep at last, nice cot we hope you get good nights now. Miss M is a little smasher.
    Licks Bobby and Lard Butt Mop Boy Dippy Pip