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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Coffee Crazy!

So we got us a new gadget :)

It is called Nespresso and it's yummyyy!

There is 16 flavoured coffee all together and 3 being decaffeinated coffees.
And i have been a fan of decaffeinated coffee since i got pregnant last year and now, I only drink decaffeinated ones and it sure does makes a difference.

Here are the 16 Coffee Capsules and my personal favourite is :-

Intensity :

A light and subtle decaffeinated coffee, this Grand Cru elegantly marries the notes of red fruit, dried fruit and cereals. A perfect composition of several South American Arabicas, notably Colombian, and a touch of lightly roasted Robusta. Decaffeinato is a very mild espresso.

and hubby's choice is this one :-

Intensity :

Pleasantly aromatic, Volluto has a rounded body, with sweet biscuit and fruity notes. A combination of Brazilian and Colombian Arabicas, its fine character is revealed by a light roast. Volluto is 100% sourced from the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program, a farmer- support initiative co-managed with the Rainforest Alliance.

You can have two size of mug, a small cup or a big mug and i prefer the big mug :)

Here is my decaffeinato all set for a yummylicious and aromatic sip from me :)

Voila! Madame Decaffeinato and Monsieur Volluto enjoying our Nespresso at home sweet home :)

À bientôt

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  1. My type of posting... all about coffee! I've never seen that type of machine before.