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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Nice, France 16th till the 19th July 2008

The next leg of my trip to France brought me to Nice. We were fortunate enough to be able to stay with friends in Valbonne in their beautiful homes for a couple of days and it was just beautiful. I was really enjoying the Nice, "nice" weather very much like malaysia BUT not quite the same as it gets cold sometimes dropping down to 20°C at times and the true indication of the tempreture there is the cricket, they only make noise when the temp goes up from...ermmm..cant remember but its either 21°C or 27°C cant remember really hehehe :)

And besides that....its all beautiful sunshine and smiles and great seafood and great place to visit indeed. we were lucky enough for Raymond and i rented a car and so when can go and visit places in a jiffy ;)

When you see this signage means you are on the right track! Here is Nice welcoming us :)

This the view all the way from Nice to Valbonne with the beautiful rock montain formation...beautiful indeed

Then when you reach to this small roundabout and saw the this signage with Valbonne on the top means that you are on the right track again :) One thing for sure, Nice have a lot of roundabouts small ones that reminds me very much of KK where we have a lot of this tiny-tiny roundabouts instead of trafficlights :) is the home of Raymond's friend Callo and Michelle, in Valbonee.
those yellow flower and them tiny and cute escargot snails are everywhere in their property i like them :) not to eat but their shells are really nice :) hehehe

The day when we arrived in Valbonne, it was actually Michelle's birthday so we went out for dinner to this seafood outlet where you can eat just about anything coming out from the sea heheheh
Two things i remember about that place is that our waiter was super nice and the live entertainment was ok too :)

The entertainers for the night were the brazilian dancer which was very energetic and funky ;)

The next morning Michelle took me to a nearby village market...You can get anything there just that this village is really small and its just bautiful and the history behind it. So we walk accross a small stream , goind down the hill and up some stairs pass by the beautiful church and finally found ourselves at the market where michele and i both managed to get a blouse each which is pretty cheap! :)

While we were out shopping for food to prepare for lunch @ the market the guys was doing some major DIY job at the home front with Callo and Raymond. I know Raymond loves doing work fixing home stuffs so he was enjoying his summer with his good friend out in the yard working and talking and laughing just what a summer vacation is all about :)

In the afternoon since we have some time to do some driving Raymond took me to Grasse, where they famously do all the perfumeries and it was a great experience for me to visit their factory. And to that we had chosen Fragonard for our visit :) IBetween myself and raymonwe took tones of pictures on this place and so i will make sure to blog about this place in a seperate entry later :)

And we end the evening with dinner in the city and finally i get to meet with Philippe another one of Raymond's good friend

Callo sudgested to Raymond to take the 30 minute or so ride to Monaco with me as he said its another different country alltogether, and so off we go that afternoon.

I was really amased by the beauty of this place and with just one train ride you will be able to cover all the interesting places in Monaco. we took a lot of pictures on this trip to Monaco and so am going to blog about it seperately later. So stay tuned for this bit!

Then on our last day in Nice, Raymond took me to Biot which is a place where they make glassware the traditional way its pretty intresting place to visit indeed...a must go and visit place!

With that i leave you guys with these wide angle view of Nice airport , as well as places around Nice that we took from the plane going to Nantes.

The view of Nice Aiport Runnaways

The Bay

The stadium

This marks the end of the road for my trip to Nice and be sure to stay tune in to my next post which is my trip to Nantes, France.

Enjoy viewing the pics peeps :) and special thanks to our host in Nice, Callo and Michelle :) Merci Beacoup!

C & R

14th of July, Paris France

I was thinking i can never be finished with my blogging over my trip to France and particularly on the 14th of July when we did so much and cover so many places in Paris for just one day... and then i thought maybe Picasa can help me with this and voilà! A collage of everything from Bastille, through Jardines, and monuments, historical statues and finally we end our sparkling 14th July celebration at the courtyard watching a concert close by to where the eiffel tower is to wait for the moment where the fireworks are lit up to mark the finale of the celebration for independence in France! Also, liberalism makes me thought of my mom as 14th of July also happens to be my mom's birthday this year i was unable to spend it with her but its the thought that counts :) And now i know where my mom's liberalism comes from hehehe she's quite a french person in this manner im afraid hehehe :) and btw, she LOVES cheese too :))

It was a moment to remember and will always be close in my heart as i felt like a teenager again and surely going on a date with someone very special and in this case i went with mon chérie, Raymond and it was an evening to remember indeed! The finale was a wonderful arrays from the fireworks along side the Eiffel Tower that was illuminated with thousands of bright coloured sparkles from the fireworks and was back with the sound of opera singers and it was truely magestic! I love every second of it and i must say i couldnt stop thanking mon coeur for insisting and timing it for us to experience the 14th of july together to the max!! des gross bisous pour toi mon coeur!! :))

click the picture for a Large view of the picture.

I leave you guys to thrill your eyes with this video i took of the grand finale of fireworks overlooking the eiffel tower, and the opera singing the back is the original sound from the recording i made of the scene and the sound system that night was also superb including the concert :)

Hope you guys enjoy watching the video!
Lots of love,

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Monday, 15 December 2008

Joyeux Anniversaire mon coeur!! :)

This is the first time for both of us celebrating mon coeur's birthday together and it so happens that we were back in KK for the occasion. There were three parts of the celebration and surely the picture will speak for me when all i can say is..we had a great time together and also with family and friends and one that will always be cherished by both of us particularly when we both prepared our favourite dish together @ my mom's kitchen heheheh :)

Anyhow, Joyeux anniversaire pour toi mon coeur!!

Joyeux anniversaire Part 1 @ BB Cafe , KK City Centre with Milly & John

Joyeux anniversaire Part 2 @ home in Lok Kawi
with the lovely Mango Delight from Secret Recipe especially when birthday boy requested it for it is his favourite cake :)

Joyeux anniversaire Part 3

Then finally we end the day celebrating mon coeur's birthday @ Novatel which was a french chain hotel so we were hoping to get some french cuisine and wine and in the end we had a marvelous buffet dinner which we had fun picking our own food from the buffet display of french cuisine and finally after a long wait we finallly got our wine treat although its a chilian wine...

Anyhow just looking at mon coeur's face is enough to know he had great time spending his birthday and particularly its our first time spending it together and so hope for the many more to come :)

wish you good health , wish you loved and most of all wish you happy birthday mon coeur!!

Love always,
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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

My latest Obsession....

The arrival of my brother's and his wife's bundle of joy was definately a bundle of joy indeed! We managed to snuggled up a few moments with him during our brief stay there in KK and here is the slide show of baby Ferdinand at his best...sleeping of course :))

here is the star... Baby Ferdinand :)

Love always
Aunty Clarity!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Jalan-Jalan cari makan :)

In November i have not been doing much travelling BUT i certainly did a lot of cathing up with friends visiting to KL and took advantage of the moment when we can just chit-chat while doing some christmas shopping. I did a few shopping trips with them and i must say makes shopping much more fun and full of suprises hehehe :)

Am not going to elaborate more on these pics...coz i must say the picture says it all all we did was chat and shopping hehehe :)

2nd trip outing with my best Buddy Diana :)

Then had a wonderful get-together with "mummy Via" and daugter Florie :)

Then finally with, with my two other mates, Aggy and Alice! i was sooo happy to see them both especially when i havent seen both of them in ages!

i guess catching up with mates is a good thing as you can only count so many times in a year you can do this kind of thing and im just happy i can at least meet with some of them. Never the less, theres always next year and there are plenty more people that i want to visit particularly my dearest cousins and their beloved family in Canada. Yes this is my wish and i hope newt year will definately be the year to do so :)

Cherish the moment!
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