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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

14th of July, Paris France

I was thinking i can never be finished with my blogging over my trip to France and particularly on the 14th of July when we did so much and cover so many places in Paris for just one day... and then i thought maybe Picasa can help me with this and voilà! A collage of everything from Bastille, through Jardines, and monuments, historical statues and finally we end our sparkling 14th July celebration at the courtyard watching a concert close by to where the eiffel tower is to wait for the moment where the fireworks are lit up to mark the finale of the celebration for independence in France! Also, liberalism makes me thought of my mom as 14th of July also happens to be my mom's birthday this year i was unable to spend it with her but its the thought that counts :) And now i know where my mom's liberalism comes from hehehe she's quite a french person in this manner im afraid hehehe :) and btw, she LOVES cheese too :))

It was a moment to remember and will always be close in my heart as i felt like a teenager again and surely going on a date with someone very special and in this case i went with mon chérie, Raymond and it was an evening to remember indeed! The finale was a wonderful arrays from the fireworks along side the Eiffel Tower that was illuminated with thousands of bright coloured sparkles from the fireworks and was back with the sound of opera singers and it was truely magestic! I love every second of it and i must say i couldnt stop thanking mon coeur for insisting and timing it for us to experience the 14th of july together to the max!! des gross bisous pour toi mon coeur!! :))

click the picture for a Large view of the picture.

I leave you guys to thrill your eyes with this video i took of the grand finale of fireworks overlooking the eiffel tower, and the opera singing the back is the original sound from the recording i made of the scene and the sound system that night was also superb including the concert :)

Hope you guys enjoy watching the video!
Lots of love,

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