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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Miss M not feeling well :(

Two days of sleepless nights beacause our LO is not feeling well down with fever for the past two days and all because it's the teething effect :( Poor Miss M. It breaks my heart to see her in pain like that but it's part of the package when you start to grow themm teeth :( get well soon honey!

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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas pressie # 2

Miss M love's her high chair that we got her as her christmas present as it made her feel like a big girl :) She now sits on her high chair when we have our dinner and she just loves it :)

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Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas pressie # 1

Here is what we finally bought for Miss M as a Christmas present and she is loving it!

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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Then I will wish you Merry Christmas! :))

Looks like Miss M got her wish this Christmas :))

Thank you Santa, says Maeva :)

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Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays!!

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Friday, 23 December 2011

Winter Cleaning!

¤Sigh¤ my baby is growing up too fast.....huhuh

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tearing down the fort!

Guess who i found busy trying to tear down the barrier i put up so that the little tiny hands and fingers cannot get to the Decoder and DVD player. And it only took less then 1 minute for her to do so. This little elf is sure is busy!

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Thursday, 22 December 2011

My little ibit-ibit :)

Just want to share this photo of Miss M falling asleep after finishing her bottle of milk. I can watch her sleep forever :))

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Jalan-jalan cari Makan :)

Last weekend we didnt go anywhere but we finally made a tour of our own apartment building and at the same time to cari makan at the bottom of our building where there is a lot of food shops :) 
And off we went :)

Look at Miss M so eager to  step out of the house and she was just gigling and smilling all the way :)

Finally we choose to just have sandwich at the Subway and it was delish!

 The surrounding of out building you can see some finished and some on going building as well.

And thats how close Burj Khalifah the tallest building in the world is to our place. When my dad was visiting us last June he went walking to see the Burj Khalifah and it's just about 10 minutes walk or so he said . Noticed Hubby is wearing a pull and Miss M is wearing long pants and shirt, well thats because it's winter time in Dubai and sometimes it gets really chilly here too :)

 until my next post! Au revoir!!

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

3rd Wedding Anniversary!

Wow! 3 years now and it feels like forever! :))
Last year we celebrated our 2nd  anniversat ay Rasa Ria Shangrila Resort and Miss M was still in my tummy back then :) and now a year later we get the privilege of celebrating it with Miss M in tow. We didn't do anything fancy but the place where we celebrate our anniversary was definately fancy :)

It's our 2nd time to this restaurant called Anise in Intercontinental Hotel Dubai, and it's was fantastic.

The interior deco inside and outside the restaurant

Some of our photos with Miss M :)

More photos of us with Miss M whose been in a very good humour and behaviour that night :) another plus for this lovely night out :)

we truly enjoyed our time there with good food and ambiance at the resto and i guess so did Miss M :)

We managed to take some family photos while we were tehre and here is one of the many photos we took :) 

and last but not the least , Je t'aime mon coeur! And... happy anniversary to both of us :))

and lastly here is a photo of us by the huge christmas tree they had at the lobby of the hotel!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, everyone!

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Monday, 19 December 2011

Vaccination Day, AGAIN!!

The time comes when Miss M have to go get her booster injections at the hospital again and she was all jolly good about it not knowing what is going to happen to her of course. But i feel that generally kiddies they don't have a good feeling when entering hospitals and this is certainly the case for Miss M, as though she knows something is going to happen. sometimes she smiles and independently stays in her stroller but other times she's so clingy.

Smiley Miss M, just happy looking at the glittering things on the christmas tree.
and then......

The deed is done but not without a loud shrieking scream from Miss M, and the mummy nearly fainted herself when she saw the needle going into her little precious chubby thighs. I can't explain how i was feeling when i see my baby cried that loud feeling the pain when the injection enters her thighs. i wanted to cry but at the same time trying real hard to confort her. It's was really hard for her and the for the mummy too.  I'm so thankful also that she have chubby thighs coz i think it help making it less pain for her. She cried for a while but one thing for sure must never forget to bring the pacifier as letting the baby suck on it while under going the vaccination helps to get the baby calm after that. It works well with Miss M.

Here is Miss M, just a few minutes after the injection room ordeal and now happy as can be. Feeling a bit sore but still she is not crying and we can still enjoy our lunch at the restaurant at the hospital.

erghhhhh...the pain  she endured :((

After reaching home, i gave her some baby fever medicine as the doctor told me it is normal for babies to get fever during after going through big vaccinations like this and so he was right, Miss M had a slight fever and went to bed straight away after taking her medicine.

whatan ordeal I'm just glad it is over and let's hope no more fever after this. Until my next post catch you guys later! ay revoir!

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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Birthdays for 2011 :)

Here are the birthdays for 2011 :)

 I specifically ask to go and have my birthday dinner at this restaurants coz they have Malaysian Menus there and my favourite " Nasi goreng Kampung" is there yippeee!

Our birthday treats :)

 And hubby been dying to go to this steak place in Mirdif to get his kicks with their beef steak there and so thats what he got! :) and i got me a Lamb shank, god it was yummylicious :)

And finally, we have another birthday to add way back in June and thats for Miss M :)

Our birthday celebrations are more meaningful now that we are three and surely more fun :)

God bless everyone and until our next post au revoir!

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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas tree is up! :)

Yeahhhh! Finally we got our tree up! 
Still missing a few decorations but we will rectify that tonight when we go shop for some decorations at the mall. these here are decorations we got from our first tree we had back in KL and those pine corns are from beauvoir and the tree where it came from is chopped off now :( So this are keepsakes pine corns that i made them into decorations on our tree :)

 Stay tuned for an updated version of our Christmas tree after we get some new decorations. At the mean time stay jolly peeps! :))

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6 months already :)

Guess what?
our baby turns 6 months old today and i still haven't yet written about my birth story . 
well anyways, here is our little rabbit, Maeva :)

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