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Thursday, 16 February 2012

8 months old today!

 Mummy's heart stop beating for a while when mummy saw what you did, standing there without any aide and without touching anything...just 8 months and already you are trying to be bigger then your age...
oh baby...mummy and daddy loves you to bits!
 Happy 8 months old to you petite coeur!

Babies are a handful sometimes,  but A heartfull all the time...

À bientôt

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Valentines :)

Since it's Valentines Day, I would like to share some valentines inspired picture of us  throughout our journey together and here are the pics

 My Valentines!

I call it care free 2008. as we were still dating and fine tuning our relationship and making it happen by getting enggaged  and married during this year.

This was our first Valentines day get away together as husband and wife and it was totally awesome coz he suprised me by going to Amsterdam to celebrate our valentines together :)

In this Valentines Day Celebration, my husband Kidnapped me and took me to some resort by the sea in angola! such a fantastic day indeed!
And here, we were celebrating Valentines Day the 2nd time in Angola, but the difference is that we already have a bun in the oven by then :)

And this year we are in Dubai to celebrate our first Valentines Day as a family of three and the feeling is just wonderful. And this is what Valentine is all about, Friendship, love, friends and family.

 Love is all around :)
May this Valentine brings joy to everyones heart and happiness that will last forever more :)

To Love and be Loved is to feel the sun from both sides. 

~David Viscott

À bientôt

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

mon petite coeur :)

 Look who woke up with a better smilling face?

Yeap! Miss M, finally recover her smiles back alright and mummy is so happy to report that she is getting better but not yet 100%  though . Dr said it will take her at least 1 week to recover from this nasty cold and that she had to be on antibiotics for the duration. Praise the lord she is not crying and feeling irritably cranky anymore and she is almost her bubbly self again  yeahhh!

Warning! this picture might gross some people so beware watch at your own risk! heheheh

 Present # 1 
Green Booger in the morning :)

 Present # 2
Green Booger in the evening :)

This just means that my little Miss M is on her way to getting well again thank god!
and mummy is so so so happy emuahh to my little darling for hanging tough for the past week!
Bisous! bisous! mon petite coeur  :)

À bientôt

Monday, 13 February 2012

Such a long week...

 This weekend feels like not a weekend at all coz hubby is not around :(
Somehow it felt like the days are long and winding and when the weekend finally arrived, the two of us, is just it, Just the two of us :(
Daddy is off on a platform somewhere in Africa and so no skype :(
BUT skype with the grandparents seems to help a little.

Besides that, Miss M have not been well too since her daddy left on his mission and I suspect this little one has been missing her daddy and on top of it, she is also having some teething effects as well. So all I can say is that, it's been quite a stressful week for me and Miss M. Lack of sleep for both of us as Miss M is constantly awaken by the feeling of pain and irritated from the teething effect that she spends most of the time sleeping on my arms...poor baby :(

 Teething  :((

 Finally no more fever after 3 days :)

Yeahh! a smile finally!!

Then when things finally was looking up on her she got the darn cold again! Block nose and a terrible cough for 2 days and sleep deprived again for both of us and finally we went to the doctor and Miss M was given a slightly stronger medicine this time around coz she's been getting this sick quite frequently now so the next course of action is to give a her slightly stronger medicine.
Finally I can take her out for a bit of fresh air around the back of our building and just chill out.

 She was so happy to be ut and about but still no smile until finally a small smile from her :)

And we move on to the interior side of the building where we saw a lot of shops that are still not open and one thing for sure they have a book store soon to be open and mummy is so thrilled of this news :))

 And when it's time to get back home Miss M decided  that she is not yet had enough jalan2 time and so the best thing to do is ...cry her lungs out :p

bluek! me no likey! After a few more minutes she calmed down a bit and off we went back to the apartment  and watch Baby TV which is her favourite :)

Hoping for a better days in the coming days ahead... have a wonderful week everyone!

À bientôt

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wordless Wednesday

À bientôt

bon achat :) (Good Buy)

Normally when we do our groceries  shop for the week we will have dinner at a restaurant then head off to Carrefour for our weekly groceries and  as usual we head of to our favourite Mall in Dubai which is at Mirdif City Centre.  It's spacious , it's got everything and loads of restaurants to choose from. During when it was just the two of us we usually go to the big food court that they have here but since we have Miss M tagging along we tend to go have our lunch or dinner in a restaurant where it is more quiet and not so chaotic as in a food court. Besides this gives us the chance to sample on a different restaurant every week and take note to which restaurants  is good or bad :)

here are some of the photos that we manage to take on that day!

We decided to take on " The Mango Bistro" for our dinner and they serve western and asian food and i was so delighted to see in their Menu a dish from Malaysia and of course i ordered that dish hehehe :)
While waiting for our food we had some photo fun with miss M :)

So here are our food!
My "Nasi Goreng Malaysia" was indeed superb! But unfortunately , hubby's sizzling sweet and sour fish is not up to it's standard. He loves anything in sweet sour sauce and this particularly one is not his cup of tes. Ah well, at least they make it up for a super wonderful dessert which was Fried Ice cream and it was delish!

Then we move on to do our groceries shopping at carrefour and guess who was also busy trying to act like a 1 year old baby when in fact is only 7 months old!

See what i mean? she wanted so much to sit on the trolley which is ridiculously too big for her! She was crying like a banshee and trying so hard to make the daddy do what she wants him to do. At last we lost the battle :(

Look at her victorious smile after oogling her daddy to be released and sit on the trolley which is obviously too big for her.

Well, mummy had no choice but to make a seat belt out of her thin blanket and secure her on the trolley with her panda pillow as a support on her back.

And...I managed to grab this which was on a 75% sale and i got it for 10 Dirham!
Yeah another bon achat! (good buy)

Until our next post, au revoir!

À bientôt

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Notty! Notty!

 Last night when mummy was trying to change her bubble dress to get into her jammies the dress somehow got stuck on Miss M's head and so it stayed that way for a while coz this naughty little Mulberry Bush Doll just wanna have fun with it stuck on her head first.

 And so it went on and on and on...
 and just look at those happy laughter! she was just so happy to get our participation of her dressing her dress up like that on her head. she is just one bag of laughter this girl :))

 And finally after a lot of persuasion going on finally she let it go from her head  but before that here is a final hahaha from her :))

À bientôt

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Just wipe and no extra work!
J'adore mon Cuisinière vitrocéramique!

À bientôt

Fétichisme chaussettes

 Miss M outgrew her 0 to 6 months socks so mummy got a good reason to buy these cute socks. For 3Dhr  for 5 pairs of these cute socks it is definately a bargain and so mummy went crazy and bought 2 sets of 5 pairs!
So now Miss M will never again have problems not having socks coz she got PLENTY! hehehe
A pair of socks a day keeps the Cold flu away! especially during this chilly winter in Dubai :)

À bientôt

Coffee Crazy!

So we got us a new gadget :)

It is called Nespresso and it's yummyyy!

There is 16 flavoured coffee all together and 3 being decaffeinated coffees.
And i have been a fan of decaffeinated coffee since i got pregnant last year and now, I only drink decaffeinated ones and it sure does makes a difference.

Here are the 16 Coffee Capsules and my personal favourite is :-

Intensity :

A light and subtle decaffeinated coffee, this Grand Cru elegantly marries the notes of red fruit, dried fruit and cereals. A perfect composition of several South American Arabicas, notably Colombian, and a touch of lightly roasted Robusta. Decaffeinato is a very mild espresso.

and hubby's choice is this one :-

Intensity :

Pleasantly aromatic, Volluto has a rounded body, with sweet biscuit and fruity notes. A combination of Brazilian and Colombian Arabicas, its fine character is revealed by a light roast. Volluto is 100% sourced from the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program, a farmer- support initiative co-managed with the Rainforest Alliance.

You can have two size of mug, a small cup or a big mug and i prefer the big mug :)

Here is my decaffeinato all set for a yummylicious and aromatic sip from me :)

Voila! Madame Decaffeinato and Monsieur Volluto enjoying our Nespresso at home sweet home :)

À bientôt