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Monday, 13 February 2012

Such a long week...

 This weekend feels like not a weekend at all coz hubby is not around :(
Somehow it felt like the days are long and winding and when the weekend finally arrived, the two of us, is just it, Just the two of us :(
Daddy is off on a platform somewhere in Africa and so no skype :(
BUT skype with the grandparents seems to help a little.

Besides that, Miss M have not been well too since her daddy left on his mission and I suspect this little one has been missing her daddy and on top of it, she is also having some teething effects as well. So all I can say is that, it's been quite a stressful week for me and Miss M. Lack of sleep for both of us as Miss M is constantly awaken by the feeling of pain and irritated from the teething effect that she spends most of the time sleeping on my arms...poor baby :(

 Teething  :((

 Finally no more fever after 3 days :)

Yeahh! a smile finally!!

Then when things finally was looking up on her she got the darn cold again! Block nose and a terrible cough for 2 days and sleep deprived again for both of us and finally we went to the doctor and Miss M was given a slightly stronger medicine this time around coz she's been getting this sick quite frequently now so the next course of action is to give a her slightly stronger medicine.
Finally I can take her out for a bit of fresh air around the back of our building and just chill out.

 She was so happy to be ut and about but still no smile until finally a small smile from her :)

And we move on to the interior side of the building where we saw a lot of shops that are still not open and one thing for sure they have a book store soon to be open and mummy is so thrilled of this news :))

 And when it's time to get back home Miss M decided  that she is not yet had enough jalan2 time and so the best thing to do is ...cry her lungs out :p

bluek! me no likey! After a few more minutes she calmed down a bit and off we went back to the apartment  and watch Baby TV which is her favourite :)

Hoping for a better days in the coming days ahead... have a wonderful week everyone!

À bientôt

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