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Monday, 28 May 2012

Afternoon time when baby is sleeping is when I took the opportunity to kick back and relax wt my favourite decaf Nespresso and some yummy petite madeline! :)) Happy afternoon y'all! :))

Miss M got a new ride...

 Now that she can walk and stand properly, we decided to get Miss M a new ride that is simple, small and weightless. The first time we saw this stroller is at the airport in Paris. We saw this couple folding the stroller and carrying it just like nothing and I thought to myself I just got to have one of those since we are flying a lot and this stroller you can bring in as cabin luggage and thats how small it is.

 When you fold it it is no more larger than a small hand luggage that you can bring along with you on the plane, and it is really light weight which is a big plus on my score.
Weight: 3.4KG
Seat Width: 270MM
In addition, specially equipped with side rails and five-point harness for child safety.
 Made of lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminium frame.
Size: 840 x 580 x 1,000
sturdy. front wheel suspension,
n fully absorb the impact force on bumpy road
with linkage brake system 

When it's unfolded it looks like this!

So here is Miss M testing out her new ride, and so she fits it perfectly!

 She was so so so excited to go out but ... mummy said it's still too hot outside :p

 Finally, took her out on her first ride on her new stroller and she loves it and so we found a perfect match indeed :))

À bientôt

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

chilaxing day...

Just one of those chilaxing day for miss M watching her fav channel on TV, Disney Junior :)
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Monday, 21 May 2012

Created with PhotoShake for Androidhad a wonderful time @ the childrens 's park just below where we live :)

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! Says Miss M :)

 Since Miss M started trying to walk at age 9 months, thats all she's been doing up till now. But eventhough she's got loads of walking time to practise her walk she stills tumbles down time to time So.....
we got her a Baby walker that's supposed to help her with walking  capabilities, balance and gracefullness.

Ermmnn...thats what we want to see...BUT, Miss M have other thoughts about it....Play first and walk properly later! hehehe In the begining she was only interested to play the things on the board thats have sounds and musics but after a while we can see her scooting around with her baby walker around the house and I find it soooooo cute :)

Here are some pics that i managed to capture while Miss M was busy scooting around the house with her baby walker :)

 Take 1 =  Ok lets try to give it a push now :)
Take 2 = I think I'll play with this amusing toys first :)

Take 3= Ok off we go! vroom! vroom! vroom!

I'm glad we bought it now this baby walker is inseperable with Miss M and therefore mummy have more mummy "work" time to catch up with :)

 Until my next post au revoir!

À bientôt

Saturday, 19 May 2012

My new Phone that makes magic :))

I just love my new hand phone!
Thank you hubby for this wonderful, wonderful, wonderful present!
It started when we went for our spring break back in france. Hubby changed his telephone to a smartphone and he's not much of a mobile person and so I was using a lot of his mobile and I guess he knew that I instantly fell in love with his mobile phone. So he said  to me I will get you a same one like this when we get back to Dubai. I was not paying any attention to what he said and true to his words, a week after we arrived back in Dubai he both me the same smartphone like his! So now we have a His and Her telephone which is black and white. so here is that trusted, reliable and super duper wonderful telephone of mine :)

and below are the creations of my mobile phone with all those wonderful androids apps available for download and here are my favourite ones :)

 J'adore mon telephone portable!
Merci mon couer pour cette cadeau! :))

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Our Globetrotting baby :)

I have been for the longest of times wanted to share my experience travelling with a baby and never here is something that i think will benefit a lot of moms whose a globetrotter themselves as well as their families.

flying @ 4 weeks old

My first experience travelling with a baby is when Miss M was just 4 weeks old :) and i have only this picture of her on the flight. They didnt have a bassinet seat for me but instead they gave me two seats to put baby in her car seat and slept right next to me :)
It depends on the airlines actually, coz they let me bring the car seat along and fasten it directly on the airplane seat and that was it baby have her own cozy bed with her the whole 7 hours flight to KL After this flight, baby had another flight back to France in September, then another flight back to KK in November then another flight back to KK in March and finally the most recent one , back to France for Spring holidays.
So actually Miss M have been travelling since she was 4 weeks old, 3 months, 5 months, 9 months and 10 months old. So i have lots of experiences to write about :)

flying @3 months

flying @ 5 months

flying @ 9 months

flying @10 months

I've always preffered to have night flights as it is easier on  the baby and also to yourself too coz, naturally it's their bedtime and so baby will sleep during the flight and the mummy and daddy can steal a few winks too :)  so if ever you are booking for a flight which is more then 4 hours or more try and book a night flight and so you wont lose your precious winks :))

This was taken on our trip back to Dubai from KL and I just love KLIA as it got a superb baby changing area. They even have hot and cold shower nozzles on the sink for you to bathe your child/baby which i did everytime we had to transit for a couple hours in KLIA.  After getting her quick shower and a change of fresh nappy she was in dreamworld in a second :)

Oh and yes these pink safety harness for little kiddies is good to have too especially when you are travelling alone with your 10month  old baby like I always do so you can attached the harness to the back of the seat and baby will be secured to the seat while you rummage through your hand luggage above. Very very handy indeed :) I use this safety harness a lot especially when going to restaurants and the baby chair is too big so i use this harness again to secure her on the seat. I also use a lot of this when i am travelling on a taxi here in Dubai coz you can attached your baby to yourself using this safety harness and acts as a seat belt coz taxi in KK or in Dubai do not have car seats ready for toddlers thats for sure. So  I use this safety harness instead.
Look it up if you want, you can get it at Mothercare and i dont remember the price hehehe.

Hope this helps some moms out there who is going to travel  with a baby in the near future and hopefully this post helps a little with the thousands of questions in your head hehehe :)

Next I will try and do a post on what gear we should have for travelling with babies on a flight :)
at the mean time....

Have a good week peeps! :))

À bientôt


We didnt do anything extra ordinary coz unfortunately we were both not feeling well and we spent a lot of time resting on the bed and the only thing that I manged to do was called my mom in kk and wished her Happy Mothers Day.

Since we spend a lot of time on the bed so we took this pic to wish everyone a very happy mothers day :)

À bientôt

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Wordless Wednesday....

How I wish I'm out there...playing :p

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Miss M the explorer :)

After been cooped up in the apartment for a few days due to Miss M not feeling well, finally we get to get out and stretch our legs......BUT with the 40°C weather we only stayed for 15 minutes and went back to the apartment with a good nice cool bath for Miss M and she loves every minute of it :)

here are photos I took of Miss M exploring the grass covered area  to find her favourite thing .....little kayu or small wood :)
 Here she is telling mummy that she is going to get some small kayu.....

 Found one...but I guess there are more small kayu over there....

 coucou suis la! (Yuhuuuu mummy, I'm over here)

Ok! je m'en vais! ( ok! I'm off now!)


 Mummy... I found one!

 Look at my beautiful kayu :)

 ah well...

Ok je reviens à la maison maintenant  ( Ok I'm going back home now)

all in all we had a great time outdoor despite of the 40°C temp outdoor thats why we only stayed for 15 minutes or less :))

Take care and see you on our next post!

À bientôt

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

11 months old today! ! :))

digging & picking things on the ground seems to be my fav things at the moment......

Playing ball is also my favourite things to do at the moment.

Showing my LOVE butt is also a must....

And it all comes down to the fact that I have turned 11 months old now and I can do a lot of stuffs now :))

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