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Saturday, 19 May 2012

My new Phone that makes magic :))

I just love my new hand phone!
Thank you hubby for this wonderful, wonderful, wonderful present!
It started when we went for our spring break back in france. Hubby changed his telephone to a smartphone and he's not much of a mobile person and so I was using a lot of his mobile and I guess he knew that I instantly fell in love with his mobile phone. So he said  to me I will get you a same one like this when we get back to Dubai. I was not paying any attention to what he said and true to his words, a week after we arrived back in Dubai he both me the same smartphone like his! So now we have a His and Her telephone which is black and white. so here is that trusted, reliable and super duper wonderful telephone of mine :)

and below are the creations of my mobile phone with all those wonderful androids apps available for download and here are my favourite ones :)

 J'adore mon telephone portable!
Merci mon couer pour cette cadeau! :))

À bientôt

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