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Monday, 28 May 2012

Miss M got a new ride...

 Now that she can walk and stand properly, we decided to get Miss M a new ride that is simple, small and weightless. The first time we saw this stroller is at the airport in Paris. We saw this couple folding the stroller and carrying it just like nothing and I thought to myself I just got to have one of those since we are flying a lot and this stroller you can bring in as cabin luggage and thats how small it is.

 When you fold it it is no more larger than a small hand luggage that you can bring along with you on the plane, and it is really light weight which is a big plus on my score.
Weight: 3.4KG
Seat Width: 270MM
In addition, specially equipped with side rails and five-point harness for child safety.
 Made of lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminium frame.
Size: 840 x 580 x 1,000
sturdy. front wheel suspension,
n fully absorb the impact force on bumpy road
with linkage brake system 

When it's unfolded it looks like this!

So here is Miss M testing out her new ride, and so she fits it perfectly!

 She was so so so excited to go out but ... mummy said it's still too hot outside :p

 Finally, took her out on her first ride on her new stroller and she loves it and so we found a perfect match indeed :))

À bientôt

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