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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sunday 19th May - Sentul Park

Well, since the park is very much part of the condo so we thought lets make the best of the living area and so we went for a stroll at Sentul Park / Sentul West. Besides, i have a few reason to go walking coz on coeur bought me the cutest and pinkiest, runners i ever seen:) Now i'm far from being a pink person but i'm convertable i think for im startting to like pink now well, perhaps on this particular matter which i'm about to show you...hehehhe

Yeah, i know i have very small feeties eh ! hehehe and top of it all we got me a matching pinky socks too :) so off we go jalan-jalan and first stop would be the canard pond :)

This is my favourite thinking place in the park, makes me feel like i can be inspired to write a lot of things when im in this place brain refused to be creative hehehe Onlt the camera will do ht e creative part for now.

Here the canards swim freely and apparently this place is famous for them and they really kept them really nice and fat here ...hehehe it,s really funny to see a fat over weight duck walking...i mean they really looked heavy hahahah

Don,t you reckon this is one fat duck thats ready for know...being one of those yummy roasted Peiking Duck?? hahahah iùm kidding of vourse :p

here is mon coeur trying to make friends with a fat duck :)

ANd as usuall...its nice to play chase the ducks sometimes...coz they are really heavy and i seriously think they are overly weight for i guess the lack of excercises and the perks they enjoy living in a well maintained pond and park so they are kinda living in Beverly Hills :) Rich ducks they are!!!

Here is KLPac its the Kuala Lumpur arts centre and it's one of the oldest building here in the park and its also attached to the park so we get to enjoy performances every now and then as they always have something artsy going on in the theatre and its another bonus living in this part of KL :)

mon couer at the brick wall...i like the texture of this picture..

That is the Japanese Restaurant Yuritei , i had a peek at the menu and pricing that day just to have an idea and its not bad at all not pricy at all and the area is so nice serene and everything...we will have dinner there one evening and will write much about it so for this post will only show you how the restaurant look from the park and yes this restaurant is actually part of the park as well and its attached to the Sentul Koi Centre and its just a 10 mins walk from Maple.

At the Sentul park close to the Koi Centre they have another set of duckies and apparently the ones here are a bit thiner then the one at the maple hehehe

So here they are the sentul Park Duckies and the koi's :)

As we continue our walk we saw a lot more abandon buildings but i think they are in a process of getting a face lift or somethng but somehow i think these old old building is part of some history here. Exceptionally beautiful then i was thinking would be a nice place to take some wedding photography or any kind for that matter :)

More old buildings

and this is one of the green woods around the park which i like very much...BUT...i donated a lot of blood to the mossies that evening !! :(((

in sephia mode

in B&W

mon coeur took this picture of me at one of the old building next to the Sentul East Sow room
British Colonial influence indeed in all these old buildings.

Here is us :)

And then we went home to these hot out of the oven bread i baked before hand they are three types of bread, Wholemeal, Rye and white bread :)

Love Always,
C & R

Friday, 23 May 2008

2nd Trip to Sungai Buloh :)

We went for another trip to Sungai Buloh again last Sunday as we ran out of black soil and some pots for the plants we bought the last time so we made a short trip back there and this time around i get to spend much time playing with mon coeur's camera and it's functions and without using any map we managed to reach Sungai Buloh in one piece :) so here are the pictures :)


hrumppp..... hehehe

this sign is something very strange to me :)

We are going to Sungai Buloh again very very soon :)

C & R