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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Afternoon Lunch Time Melody!

Was just chating online with my aunt just now and was wondering what on earth to cook for lunch and then i went to look at the fridge and saw that i have some seafood that i need to clear out from the fridge and so what else ro do in such a limited time to spare as i ,ve got class later so decided to make "Seafood Paella" and its one of mon coeur's favourite dish and so he said it's delish! :)


hand full of live prawns & squid
red, yellow and green capsicum + tomatoes (diced)
half cooked rice


sauteed the diced tomatoes & capsicum(s) in a wok with some finely chopped garlic,sharlots and green onions, Then add the half cooked rice and sauteed for another 5 minutes. Then transfer to the pot where you cook the rice with and cook till rice is cooked.

While waiting for the rice to cook, prepare the seafood by stirfrying the prawns and squid with finely chopped garlic+sharlots+green onion and add a little bit of fish sauce and some oyster sauce for 6 mins .

After the seafood is ready, transfer them to the pot where the rice is being cooked and mix well and just let it simmer and cooked together with the rice.

Done and ready to be serve :)

SeaFood Paella!

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