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Friday, 23 May 2008

Mengada-ngada time...

Usually when i'm not feeling well or just on "mintak-puji" mode i will crave for food that i know i will not get like my mom's curry fish for example....So what to do..i was thinking..... i have some nice fish in the fridge and i have just bought some curry powder so i did it my way and make my own curry fish...this just shows i miss home and i miss my mom's cooking...huhuhu :((

so here is my own way of making....

"Chindika Fish Curry"

lots and lots of veggies just how i like it :)

Simmering .....

And....finally, Chindika Fish Curry!

mon coeur: A little bit spicy but still ok :)

Well at least i get to satisfy my curry cravings hehehe...thats all that really matters. Thanks mom for the tips on making the fish curry :) and can anyone guess what does "chindika" means? heheheheh......

Chindika me:)

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