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Thursday, 15 May 2008

My dark and handsome desktop!

I finally, finally got my Desktop running thanks to mon coeur :) and it's just like a dream come true coz i dont have to squint my eyes to the wide screen monitor of mon coeur's laptop anymore when im doing my photo editing work so its a very very wonderful treat! I love it! Its built to the suit my needs for editing pictures and organise my photos for me to blog so to mon coeur....thank you, thank you and thank you so so so so much!!! emmuahhh!!

The 17 inch LCD screen is just as i wanted it to be...the normal one and not the Wide screen ones...phew! Thank goodness hehehhe

So with my desktop that we customisely built its all in black to match wt the interior of our working or rather study room which have black furniture as well. So now we both can be working in the same room :)

AND.....not forgetting having a very french keyboard which is really funny but very useful for me at the moment coz it is helping me to get use to french words so have a big impact to help me in my french classes.

merci beauchoup mon coeur! emmuahhh!! por toi :)

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