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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

My secret indulgence :)

I went for a recent meeting somewhere @ Jalan Raja Chulan last Tuesday and after the meeting i found myself having a fair bit of time to go explore around that area and my first stop was Estana Curry House! I cant believe how my nose works to detect this place as i am not following any maps as i dont know these areas i just know that im hungry AND craving for some curry stuffs as it does feels like ages since my last curry at my mom's place back in KK :( How sad is that!! i used to have curries every single day back in KK coz mom knows how much i loveeeeeeeeeeeee must be my indian blood speaking out loud when it comes to curries and stuffs so here are the pics of the food i had eaten blissfully on my own and savouring every thing slowly hehehhe...but mind you look @ the goodness so very the expensive lah!!! but its ok for now its my hungger for indian food is what matters and so i got it!! ;)

The food display

what i had....bits of this and that
tofu, ikan tenggiri goreng, mixed vege, telur masin (my fav) then some sambal undang...yummmyy
and i has Teh -"O" - Ais!

The "BILL"

i was standing acrross the road when i took this pic and decided to go to "Sungai Wang" instead and i'm glad i made the choice coz whatever i bought that day is really worth all my money which was not that much. Bought two dresses for RM25 bucks so that was ok by me :)

satisfied me!
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