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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Saturday - wangsa maju + lunch + bukit bintang +bangsar = Wonderful Day!

I must say i had the most wonderful and most eventful saturday of my life going from one place to another one whole day non stop. It seemed like every minute is spent doing everything but nothing this saturday and both of us enjoyed the moments to the fullest.

First mission for the day was to go to PUSPAKOM @ Wangsa Maju to where mon coeur's scooter needs to be checked and obtained some documentation to be used for licence plate application @ JPJ at a later stage. So....that means that we will have to ride on the scooter to where we need to go and since i have never in my life riden on a motocycle before so this is a great opportunity for me and i must say it was an exhilirating experience being on one. you feel free and more aware of your surroundings BUT @ the same time i was done near had a heart attack when mon coeur went zig-zagging inbeetween cars in the jam! my goodness i was holding on to his shoulders so tight that by the end of the journey he told me... we should do this a lot more he said because according to him he get's free shoulder massage when i squeeze his shoulders when im nervous on the scooter...heheheh BUT after a while it was ok :) we wrapped things up at PUSPAKOM at about 1:30pm that afternoon... not too bad after all ;) so here are the pics that i can manage to grab when i was riding on the scooter :)

The location map

The "Piaggio"

Handsome ain't it :)

nervous me!

mon coeur filling up the gas tank

my scooter driver..... heheeh we go! va va vrooommmmm! mom is gonna kill me!!hahahah

while on the go i capture this...probably with my eyes closed maybe hahahah

during one of the stops, heading back to the condo.

allloo :)

After all that ride to Wangsa Maju we went back home and i prepare this for lunch!

yummy yum stir- fry quick and easy!

Then we did some work around the house and suddenly mon coeur said let's go jalan-jalan at Wisma Low Yatt or something like that to look at computers for me. So off we went to Bukit Bintang.

here is where bukit bintang is.

After that we decided to have coffee at Gloria Jeans Coffees and just obseving people and enjoy our coffee :)

our front view

at our back view

Back view again

C & R

our coffee :)

colours ofthe world hehehe :)

Then after our coffee we went and continue with out walk and suddenly we are met with a group of youngsters maling street performance on the street so we decided to stay on and watch them dance so here are some of their move....and some funny hairdos hehehe :)

street dance #1
street dance #2

the fancy hair do :)

Then we continue with our walk again...

Then we saw this paintings on one ofthe stalls...pretty indeed.

Then we went pass "Planet Hollywood" and mon Coeur seemed to have the same hand as Harisson Ford hahahaha....yeah right :p

candid shots again heheehe

this is a combination of views we saw while walking. Some of these pics are taken by mon coeur and some are mine. was a really pretty sights all of these indeed

Then finally we reached the Pavilion shopping Mall where we parked our car and walk all the way to plaza Low yatt and down again :)

And then just as we think the night is finally over...not quite , we still havent had dinner yet so we quickly head home, dressed and ready for a night out in Bangsar. Initially we wanted to go to Opus or the other one i forgot but they were fully ooked so we went to our favourite place which is Telawi Bistro at Jalan Telawi in Bangsar.

The entrance

The street

The napkin heheheh

our wines the red and white combo :)

i had crispy sea bass and mon coeur had some beef shanks and something and our dessert was banana ice cream :)

thank you mr. waiter who took these pictures of us together :) merci bouchoup!

and this is an interesting picture coz according to mon coeur this is the same brand as his scooter which we rode that morning just that its the earliest version of it years back! and its park outside the Telawi a so....a good idea to capture this one then :)

Oklah the night is finally over, and we both had the mosy wonderful time together and hope to have this crazy but wonderful day again soon :)

Je pars bientôt! :)
C & R


  1. So convenient to get around the city with a scooter eh? Neways, can't help but notice you went to Gloria Jean's. I remember we took lil Nadiyah there when she was barely 4 mos. old!

  2. heheheh....well i guess its time to bring the other baby for another round of the city hehehe then you'll have double joy :)

    Yeah the scooter was pretty handy but god knows how was i feeling when i was riding at the back of one....scarryyyy.. im just glad it went by without a hitch :) so until he gets the JPJ workbit done the scooter stays home :)phewwww! hehehe