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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Departure story....

Just like my sister said in her blog about my departure to KL that I was being a baby for wanting them to stay until my final call for boarding...i know its sounded mean but the fact that its not everyday that you get to be a baby and make people do what you want them to do and that's coz I decided to be a baby for the it was not such a bad thing really ...i find it really nice that my baby sister decided to be the elder sister and take charge of things ...and I secretly loving these moments as I have the two person that I love most with me and just enjoying time together. And I also found out that me mom put some mango sumi jelly in my back pack poket for me to enjoy during my flight. It’s my favourite desert!!...isnt that sweet or what?? I love my mummy *muahhh* At this age, well at my age that is, getting small and cute treaties like these really meant a lot and it stays in ones mind for a long long time as its really a nice feeling of being cared for J so heres emmuahhhh for my mummy dearest!

my mom and sis

Gothically Mapsy :)

moi :)

my sis and me

Well my baby sister even went as far as carrying my bag for me...oh what a “kodak moment” this is very RARE occasion indeed i couldnt take pictures of her dragging on my bag to the check –in counter and even carried up to the bag placement for cargo coz I didnt want to spoil the moment and who knows she just might suddenly wake up from being nice to being her badself and throw the bag at me instead *ha ha ha* so I didnt take the risk of taking pictures of her doing deeds to me so I can only describe how nice she is to me ....dearest baby sister *emmuahhhh* so nice of her...ok ok get on with my departure its a few more minutes before boarding time so we decided to head for the Terminal 2 restaurant which is.....ermnnn I fogot the name of it hahahaha...anyhow these pictures should tell much of the stories

ikan Tengiri masak asam pedas

Singapore Bi Hoon

"Boxing Chicken Wings"

The food was yummy actually...i had the singapore Bi Hoon goreng , while sis had the Asam pedas Ikan Tenggiri with rice and finally mom just had some “Boxing Chicken Wings” which I think is delish! Then we all swap foods testing one anothers dish and all around it was quote from my sis...this is the best airport food ever! Shall bring the Mr here to try it out ...although its kinda far out to go to the Terminal 2 airport to eat when you are not flying at all hehehe but all in all its worth it!

Oklah guys.....stay tune to my vacation time in KL!!
Bon voyage!!!


Friday, 25 January 2008

Mont kiara day 1 ;-)

Ok this is my 1st post from my trip im @ mac d's @ mont kiara while waiting for my dearest aunt and cuz hannie to join me and go jalan2 :-(
Ok lah! Signing off 4 now ;-)

KL - ing time!

Btw... Pretty kissmet...happy BDAY to you! :-* & wait 4 my sms instruction ok ;-)

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

just passing by...

i wanted to blog much but cant coz i kept getting interuptions from here and there and also my mind is not quite functioning at the moment too much to think wt too little time to do anything but anyhow.......i can hardly wait to meet with this sentul west duckies :)

Oklah..until i get back from my are the duckies :)

i be sure to say my hello to them when i'm there to visit them :)

ok before tht i leave you guys with my current music thts appropriate for my trip so here goes ...



Wednesday, 16 January 2008

12 Little Changes

By Michele Hickford
Special to eDiets

I always look forward to the New Year. For me, it's a time of hope, new adventures and possibilities. On the other hand, I know a lot of people who say they hate this time of year.

They hate the parties and celebrations and the feeling they should be doing something special and memorable. They hate the fact that everyone else appears to be having fun. But I think what they really hate, is themselves because the New Year reminds them of things they should have done. The promises they should have kept. The changes they should have made. It's a reminder that for another year they're still in a bad relationship, or a bad marriage.

Well, the only way the New Year is going to be better than the Old Year is if you change what you're doing. Now I know doing something different is very difficult if you try to do it all at once. But it's actually very easy if you do it little by little.

So I would like to offer you my own list of 12 little things to do this year to help you in love and in life. Just pick one for each month. If you only manage to do one each month, and only once a month at that, you'll still be ahead of where you are today. I promise.

1. Tell the truth. If you're unhappy with your partner, or things he or she says bother you, would you please tell the truth? And by the truth, I don't mean saying something like "you're such a jerk" (which he may in fact be), but something more like, "that really hurt me." Stick to the honest facts, please. You will have more efficient discussions and be less likely to escalate arguments if you just for once say it plainly.

2. Say no. You don't have to do everything people ask of you, especially if it doesn't feel right. Don't do things out of guilt, do them out of desire. And if you don't desire it, don't do it.

3. Say yes. Sometimes you need to say, "Yes, what the heck." Holding back and holding back doesn't really do anything except ensure you're older when you do finally say yes. Of course, if it doesn't feel right, see No. 2 above.

4. Admit a mistake. OK, so you blew it. You slept with him, or you fell for it, or you got pregnant. What's done is done. Making a mistake isn't such a big deal -- failing to recognize it is. And make sure you understand completely how you got into this mess so you won't do it again. Ever.

5. Make a decision. Someone once told me the only bad decision is NO decision. At some point it can't be "maybe" any more. It has to be yes or no. And you can apply that rule to other people as well. Avoiding decisions means avoiding life, which can't be done. Life races by no matter what you do. So don't do nothing.

6. Achieve a goal. It's not enough to be goal-oriented. You need to be RESULTS-oriented. You will give yourself enormous confidence if you get in the habit of demonstrating to yourself that you can achieve goals. They don't have to be huge. They can be tiny, like "make sure I smile at a new person every day." But every time you achieve a goal, you give yourself strength and ability to achieve the next one.

7. Try something new. Take yourself out of your comfort level for once, just a little. Break a habit. You don't have to go wild -- just pick one little thing. Change your hairstyle. Drive a different route to work. Watch a TV channel you never watch. But be consciously aware that you're trying something new. See how it feels. I'll bet you'll like it.

8. Find one thing. Once when I was really down in the dumps about myself, a friend told me to stand in the mirror and say, "I'm wonderful, because..." and then fill in the blank. It sounds kind of cheesy, but I have to say it works. No matter how crappy you feel, you will find that one thing to love about yourself. You'll probably find more than one thing. And as soon as you find yourself lovable, others will, too.

9. Ask for help. You're not expected to be able to solve every one of life's problems all by yourself -- particularly in a relationship. If you and your partner can't talk about it together, get a counselor to listen. And if he won't go with you, go alone.

10. Dream. What do you REALLY want to do? What would make you ridiculously happy? OK, I know I'm not going to wake up tomorrow and be a foot taller or something (and frankly that wouldn't make me happy because none of my pants would fit). But let yourself dream and see where that takes you. You'll find some truths about your current situation, and maybe get a clear idea of what you have to do to change it.

11. Be alone. Another thing I feel VERY strongly about is that we must be responsible for our own happiness. That means learning to be content on your own. Being with someone will not make you happy, it will only make you happy-ER. After all, if you don't know what makes you happy, how can you possible expect some stranger to figure it out? And you need to do that by yourself.

12. Listen to yourself. When you say things like "I broke up with my boyfriend because he was cheating on me but I still love him even though he's still seeing another women. He wants to get back with me. What should I do?" stop and LISTEN to yourself? He was cheating, he's STILL cheating, and you LOVE him? What am I missing here? What are YOU missing that you'd consider taking him back? Listen to what you're saying and you'll hear the truth.

So that's my list. Just 12 little things you should try during the new year. And in this case, I can assure you size doesn't matter.

2008 for Healthier & Trimmer YOU!

Choose To Lose In 2008!

By Joanne Eglash
eDiets Contributor

Have you devoted an embarrassing percentage of your life to trying to lose weight? I certainly have done my share (all right, I'll be honest: MUCH more than my share!) of counting calories, carbohydrates and/or fat grams; reading the latest fad diet book (remember the gruesome grapefruit and hard-boiled egg regime?!), and alternating between starving and inhaling everything in the refrigerator (yes, I've even experienced the "there's nothing else to eat in the house but maple syrup and diet bread, so break open the syrup bottle!" diet blues).

If you're tired of "trying" to be a loser, how about resolving to make 2008 the year you become a winner? If that sounds good, here's my deceptively simple tip: Focus on eating right to stay energized and healthy. Here are suggestions for five New Year's nutrition resolutions that aren't as hard to keep as you may think.

Resolution 1: Eat a good breakfast! It doesn't have to be elaborate, and it doesn't have to be enormous either. Low-carb dieting makes it easy, from a hard-boiled egg and a slice of cheese when you're on the go, to a blenderized low-carb smoothie that goes down easy and tastes great. All the research reports reveal that you eat less and lose more if you start off the day on the right nutritional foot. Remove the temptation to indulge in a mid-morning doughnut break by sticking to this resolution.

Resolution 2: Eat the veggies. Regardless of which low-carb diet you're following, the majority allow some amount of measured vegetables from a select list. Many low-carb dieters, however, think they'll lose "faster" if they skip the vegetables. Oops. Big mistake. Vegetables fill you up, not out -- and they add variety to your low-carb diet. So go for the green with gusto!

Resolution 3: Take a snack pack with you when you're on the go at work, school or away from home. Whether you enjoy crunching on baked chicken legs or dipping into a low-carb carton of yogurt, make sure to take the time each morning before you leave to fix your "go-to" snack pack!

Resolution 4: Put on your chef's hat! Each week, try a new recipe that is permitted on your diet. Try your local library for hints, ask friends, do an online search or head straight to and look through the many recipes offered on the site.

Resolution 5: Slow down and eat more mindfully. Pay attention to your meal, and don't multi-task by reading, watching TV or paying bills in between bites. Then after you eat, celebrate with a visit to your support team at!

Joanne Eglash is a writer and an editor specializing in health, weight control and fitness. She's written for a variety of publications and websites, ranging from Energy for Women magazine to

Shapely and firmer Butts

Get a Better Butt Without Leaving Home

By Raphael Calzadilla B.A., ACE, RTS1
eDiets Chief Fitness Pro

Own your habits.
-- Vince Lombardi

The following is an e-mail I received:

"Raphael, you are an inspiration! I loved your glutes articles but I have a special request. I don't have gym equipment and really enjoy exercising in my home. I'm an overweight female and realize, thanks to you, how important nutrition is to achieve the butt and body I desire. However, is it possible to write a special glutes article that I can perform with no equipment, or very little equipment?"

How can I refuse this request? This article is dedicated to all those who work out in their homes with little or no equipment. For my "hardcore" readers who want a workout in the gym that promotes a near crippling effect, don't worry. I'll be dedicating articles to you in the near future.

I may sound like a broken record, but I always like to hammer home one fact. You cannot get a good-looking butt if you have excessive body fat. I'm not suggesting you can't be 10 to 15 pounds overweight and have a good-looking butt. After all, we need to respect different shapes, forms and genetic structures. However, don't expect to have great glutes with excessive body fat. Nutrition, weight training and cardio must be a priority and approached with consistency.

The three most common questions I receive from people are:

  • How do I get a flat stomach?

  • How do I lose these hips?

  • How do I tighten my butt?

Every female client I have ever trained has asked me, "What do I have to do to get a great-looking butt?"

The gluteus is one of the most beautiful sets of muscles in the body, yet people always seem to buy clothes with the goal of covering it. Let's face it -- we know that people look at our butts. So whether you have a big butt, soft butt or no butt, I have a routine that will produce results.

One of the things I've always told my clients is that after working with me, they'll be able to lie on the floor face down and have somebody bounce a dime off their rear ends. Yes, I have that much confidence that I can help anyone get a better looking backside. However, like all good things it does take work.

Let's get a better understanding of the eye-catching gluteus muscles. The glutes are comprised of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medias and gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus is a major stabilizer of the pelvis and runs from the iliac crest to the femur and iliotibial band.

The gluteus medias and minimus lie directly beneath the maximus. The primary function of the gluteus maximus is to extend the thigh at the hip and also to rotate the thigh away from the midline of the body. The gluteus medias and minimus serve to move the thigh away from the body and toward the midline of the body. There's more to this muscle group, but this should be a good introduction for you. Plus, I know you're eager for the workout. I always like to provide a brief overview of a muscle group, because it's important to know how your body functions.

Let's get to it. Perform each exercise for two sets of 20 slow and intense repetitions. Make sure to contract the glutes tight and really squeeze in the contracted position. Don't let yourself off the hook and perform them haphazard or like you're going for a walk in the park. Don't consider these exercises leg movements, they are butt movements so work it hard! It's show time!

1. ANKLE WEIGHT BUTT BLASTER -- Place an ankle weight on your left ankle. Get on the floor on your hands and knees. Relax your shoulders and maintain a neutral spine with your head at a natural extension of your neck. Extend the left leg up with a 90-degree angle at the knee. Your foot should be parallel with the ceiling. Contracting the gluteal muscles, push your foot up toward the ceiling. Stop when your leg is at a full extension from the hip, maintaining the 90-degree angle at the knee.

Slowly return to the starting position. After completing the set on the left side, repeat on the right side. Exhale as you lift the weight and inhale while returning to the starting position.

2. LYING GLUTEUS LIFT -- Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Place your arms at your sides for support. Contracting the glutes, project your hips up toward the ceiling as you lift your glutes off the floor. Slowly return to the starting position, stopping just short of your glutes touching the floor. Exhale while lifting your butt and inhale while returning to the starting position.

3. STATIONARY LUNGES -- Stand straight with your feet together. Hold your hands on your hips. Step forward with the right leg and lower the left leg until the knee almost touches the floor. Bring the left leg back in line with the right leg and repeat the process with the same leg for 20 reps. The step should be long enough so that your left leg is nearly straight. Then perform the same movement with the opposite leg. Do not let your knee touch the floor. Make sure your head is up and your back is straight. Your chest should be lifted and your front leg should form a 90-degree angle at the bottom of the movement. Also, your knee should not pass your foot. Remember, slow and tight!

4. STRAIGHT LEG REVERSE LIFTS -- Begin this exercise on your hands and knees. Straighten your left leg as if you were going to do a push-up. Keep the right leg bent, supporting your weight along with your arms. Contracting your soon-to-be gladiator glutes, lift your left leg up toward the ceiling, stopping when you feel a full contraction of the butt. Slowly return to the starting position. After completing the set on the left side, repeat on the right side. Exhale while lifting the leg. Inhale while returning to the starting position. Do not let the back arch. If you are an intermediate or advanced exerciser, you can add an ankle weight to the working leg to make it more challenging.

Perform the above routine two to three times per week for four weeks on alternate days. Don't forget to make sure you keep your weight training, cardio and nutrition on target. If you don't feel your glutes the next day after performing this routine, then something is seriously wrong. Also, if you're a beginner or novice then reduce the sets to just one and focus on form. You'll need to build to the volume and intensity safely, but once you do, you'll love the results.

so Yesterday...

Well, i decided to blog a bit about yesterday....

As usual, during when the papa-san is not around we mouse and mice can go roaming a bit so i roam to the nearest window at our floor building and took some pictures of the place .... i think i have tones of pictures of the bay from this angle but somehow i never get bored taking the here is a sample of it :) just one ok...

Then , i have some others joined me to view the beautiful afternoon view of the bay...its so clear and bright so i told them lets take some fun shots so here are the fun shots of us :)

so here are the smileys :)
Hope to have many more of these fun shots again ...soon right kismet *kissy kiss, kiss*

Sunday, 13 January 2008

My Wolf & I :)

Well I have a bit of time yesterday after reaching home from work and the sun shine was nice and it was a nice afternoon....i dont usually take a nap in the afternoon so i decided to venture out to our front porch and just do some photography....and so my ever so model subject was already hinting that he will behaved so i went to the small gate for OB and let him lose on the frot porch and off he goes roaming at the front porch WHICH he doesnt do much of tht coz front porch of our home is off limits for anyways, had some quality manja time with my wolf and i dont have much of these kind of time with him coz I'm the BOSS so he doesnt mess arounf wt me much coz wt me he always behaves and act accordingly but not when Mapsy (my sister) is around coz then he will be a yappy he is like forever infatuated wt my sister....hahahha

But are the pics :)

Ob-Chan & me



Friday, 4 January 2008

Things to do, And not to do

Losing Weight: 5 Foods to Eat & 5 to Avoid

By: Robin Vitetta-Miller

Five to Choose

  1. Fruits and vegetables (5-9 servings per day): Packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Not just delicious, fruits and vegetables reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer and other ailments.

  2. Whole grains: Whole-wheat breads and pastas, whole-grain low-sugar cereals, brown rice, bulgur, quinoa, kasha (buckwheat), barley, oats and oat bran. Great source of B vitamins, vitamin E and fiber.

  3. Low-fat and non-fat dairy products: Excellent source of bone-building calcium.

  4. Nuts and seeds: Rich in protein and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat.

  5. High-quality, low-fat protein: Skinless chicken and turkey, fish (also rich in omega-3 fatty acids), legumes and eggs.

Five to Lose

  1. Saturated fat: Red meat, butter, whole-fat cheese, milk and other dairy products, and coconut and palm oils. Raises cholesterol levels, clogs arteries and increases your risk of heart disease and cancer.

  2. Trans fats: Margarine (especially stick), cakes, pies, frostings and fried foods (i.e., French fries, fried chicken). Increases your risk of heart disease as much as saturated fat. Since "trans fats" are not listed on labels, look for hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

  3. High-sodium foods (limit your intake to 2,400 mg sodium per day): Processed convenience items such as hot dogs, cheese, tomato sauce, canned and dried soup, deli meat, frozen pizza, potato and pasta mixes and frozen dinners. Increases your risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and osteoporosis (by increasing calcium excretion).

Reduce intake of:

  1. Fat-free cakes, brownies and cookies: Most items are extremely high in sugar (and thus calories) and devoid of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

  2. Fat-free potato and corn chips (made with fake fats): Made with an indigestible fat that also sweeps fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) out of the body.


Doing it my way!


Fortune Cookie Day! 2008

Definately how i want it to be :) A successful year and improving at the the same time...yeah what a way to start the new year :) looking forward to a wonderful year and fireworks ahead! Thanks maggie for bringing the fortune cookies for all of us here :) emmuahhhhhh!

Fortune Cookie Day :)
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