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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Its That time of the year again...

Well it's that time of the year again where we have to + 1 to our age number and this is the 2nd year i get to celebrate my birthday in Luanda, Angola and i hope next year its not going to be the case and im crossing all my fingers and toes that next year i will be somewhere closer to home :)

Like last year we went out in the evening to celebrate my birthday but this time around because of some unforseen trouble with me, we cant go out for dinner instead lunch is very much preferred and so it is :)
And this was the weekend of my birthday.

Just like last year, mon coeur took me to my favourite resteaurant here in Luanda and thats in a place called ¨Coconuts¨ and it was a nice and refreshing place to be after a long while staying indoors, so it was a wonderful change of scenes and the breeze was fantastic and so was the food!

Our food! i like very much the banana Split but after going thru half of it i just cant go on anymore and thank god hubby is there to finish the dessert up for me :)

The view was just fantastic!

And as for the weekend before my birthday, hubby took me to a chinese restaurant called ¨Taiping¨ and it's definately my kinda taste of food and i especially like my  fluffy prawn fritters. simply yummm!

The food :)

Hubby, enjoying his selection of stuffed terung and sweet sour chicken.

AND finally, as i was busy doing the groceries and was wondering where hubby was suddenly he came with a bunch of flowers for me :) merci beaucoup mon coeur for the flower gift made me smile from ear to ear :)

Besides this, we have another birthday present from above that just made my life more beautiful and enriched with happiness is  when we got these....

YES!! we are finally PREGNANT!! 
and this tops up all the birthday gift i had this year and more so i got my last year birthday wish realised and a prayer answered from the one above!

Big bisous to everyone and May God Bless us all!

À bientôt