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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Highlights on our Euro Vacation 2010 :)

 Another part of my  4 months vacation in total. Spent 1 month 1/2 back home in Malaysia and the rest in Europe.

Here are the highlights of my traveling during our recent vacation in Europe.

Hope i will be bale to cover all the travelings we made and  certainly there are a few memorable and once in a life time experiences as well so stay tuned for more updates from me :)

Big Bisous!

À bientôt

Friday, 24 September 2010

Our last day of our Balik Kampung Trip back to Malaysia

For me it's been a wonderful 1 month + coming back to Malaysia and i still feel that i can stretch it further next time hehehe and hubby on the other hand didnt get enough of his KK and KL trip and so we are coming back again in December to run away from the winter in Europe :) 

As for our dear friend Philippe this has been three years in a row he has been visiting us in Malaysia. 2008 (KL), 2009 (KK, our wedding) and finally 2010 (KK (my sister's wedding) and KL) our family and friends loves his company and hope he will to continue visiting them for always :)

Well, we had a marvelous stay also at chez Robert et Christine in KL for the last 2 days of our stay in KL and it was a marvelous opportunity to meet up with Christine particularly as we are both doing the same Professional Distance Learning  at Collège des médecines douces du Québec. And also catching up with little Roxzanne their daughter who now speaks fluent English! and also cathing up with the rest of their family members and having a wonderful dinner get together at their home. Want to take this opportunity to thank Robert & Christine and their whole family for welcoming us in their home during our visit. Merci à tous et  à la prochaine!

 Here are two more photos that we managed to snap on our last day in KL and Philippe and us finds ourselves in the same flight back to Paris too how bizzare hehehe anyways its the first time and it is also the first time that i actually slept on the whole flight to Paris....Blissss!

here are the memorable photos :)

Clockwise: Paul, me, Ray and Yolly
Mr and Mrs Walsh are friends of DH and they have been keeping in touch all this while and since there is an opportunity to get together so we did on our last day in KL we went to this wonderful Italian Retsaurant and having a wonderful wine to go with it. Thank you so much Paul and Yolla for lunch and a wonderful company and we hope to visit you both someay in the Philippines.
Merci à tous et bientôt!

Clockwise: Philippe, me, Ray and Aloysius 
Thanks for dinner and thanks for meeting us up at the airport and hope to see you again sometime in Malaysia!

On the plane back to Paris....

And this also marks the end of our Vacation in Malaysia and starting of our Europe Vacation!
Stay tuned!

Big Bisous!

À bientôt

Ahh..i forgot something....

Before i post our last bit of our Malaysian "Balik Kampung" Vacation here is something that was a surprise to me and also a coincidence and that is to meet up with my old time coursemate buddy from college years Jennet aka nenet :)
i was making backup of my telephone storage and when i was browsing through the folders and i saw this and i remembered how this photo happened to be :)

Coincidentally, my mom went to parked the car somewhere in UMS and suddenly i heard a voice saying "Si Pitch kah tuh"?  and i recognised the voice indeed and it was Jennet's voice and her car was parked just next to us and she saw me from her side mirror hehhhe....we didnt have much time to chat but it's enough to say i've missed her and it was nice to catch up with her after for about 10 long years or so. Phew! what a chance and what luck we have :)
But anyways, Nenet, it was nice to see you and hope our friendship grows just like our age does and hope to visit you and Keningau one day soon :)

gros bise!

À bientôt

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Photography Galore @ Taman Orkid Kuala Lumpur :)

The last time we went to visit Taman Orkid Kuala Lumpur was in May 2008. I love this place as it reminds me of my late grandma as she loves her orchids and so this place brings great joy to me whenever we went to visit. So it was a great idea when DH suggested we go to the Orchid Garden since Philippe have never visited it yet. so we did!
Click here if you want to read about my last post about Taman Orkid KL when i wrote it way back in 2008 :)

There is a reason why im sitting down and not standing
There is also a reason why i am left behind....
looking like I'm Smilling but actually NOT!

 That is the reason why......It's because of my sprained angkle!
On my last post i did mentioned that on our way to meet up with Philippe which is not too far away from our hotel,  i walked through a hole on the paved sidewalk and fell  flat on my knees and injured my angkle at the same time, as a result the next morning i had a big swell on my angkle!

The Happy Photographer!

Even at my injured state i still get to take photos....Photos of them taking pictures of flowers in the rain hik! hik! hik!

DH took this photo of me holding on to this beautiful flower while hopping
my way up there :(

And here are the flower photos....Enjoy!


And here is my part of the photo taking session using my lomo programme on my small Oly camera :)

That's all for now from Orchid Graden had a marvelous time with DH & Philippe and am glad i went despite my swelling angkle and the pouring rain :)

Gross bise!

À bientôt