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Monday, 6 September 2010

Suci Ellie's Birthday - May 1st, 2010

 Ah this  year I'm able to participate in at least one cutting cake ceremony at the least and it happens to be Ellie's birthday! It's so happens that we have a bit of preparation work to do at the same day so we work and we play and we partayyyy!! heheheh 

here are some of the photos i managed to snap during that night,
 The birthday girl with her yummylicious birthday cake :)

more pics of ellie cutting her wonderful birthday cake :)

 And here is waiting for the tiny tots ferdinand to blow the candle... for your info, Dinand is inlove with Ellie wink! wink! :)

 here are the working elfs, hard at work!
And the youngest one being Ferdinand who managed to do nothing but just entertain us with his jolly self :)

Big Bisous and Happy Birthday Ellie!!

À bientôt

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